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Thread: This new forum site [email protected]%!&%$!!!! How do I.....

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    Angry This new forum site [email protected]%!&%$!!!! How do I.....

    Get rid of the little pop-up box advertisement at the top right of the first post on every screen?

    How do I search for terms in the forum? I get no results even when I'm looking right at the term in a thread.

    Or, I just don't belong on this thing anymore because I'm not smart enough to use it!!

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    Re: This new forum site [email protected]%!&%$!!!! How do I.....

    I think the ad can be taken out only if you are a premium member. Not sure if you can eliminate it by blocking pop up ads on your computer or not.
    To get to the search click on the whats new button on the top of the thread and a little search house comes up in that area.
    Also don't know if you have to sign in for this to work but there is a searchbox in the far right upper corner. Did not notice that at first but was not signed in at that time.
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