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Thread: 2012 vs 2012

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    Re: 2012 vs 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeAnderson View Post
    Associated Press says "twenty-ten".
    Good for them. I'm still going to say whatever fits the situation/my mood. For example, if I ever met Red Cloud:

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Cloud View Post
    Twenty twelve or get punched in the face.
    I'd find the longest possible way to say it.

    Quote Originally Posted by goldy_331 View Post
    So I need to know what color socks CBG is wearing now.
    Start a poll. Then everyone can argue about it.
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    Re: 2012 vs 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by St. Clown View Post
    Two-thousand twelve; no "and."
    Thank you. That is a pet peeve of mine. Two thousand and twelve is 2000.12, but two thousand twelve is 2012.

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    Thumbs up Re: 2012 vs 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Cloud View Post
    ...get punched in the face.
    this is why I <3 tCloud.
    (where the heart beats)


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    Re: 2012 vs 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by RStarr View Post
    this is why I <3 tCloud.
    corned beef and hashish?
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