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Thread: Goals/Dreams/Aspirations for 2020

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    Re: Goals/Dreams/Aspirations for 2020

    Quote Originally Posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
    Kinda? Lol
    Well, I can't say it's as classic as Windex. Just saying.
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    Re: Goals/Dreams/Aspirations for 2020

    I believe in the SMART principle for resolutions: Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound.

    My 2020 resolution is to be touch typing at least 50 wpm for coding by December 31.
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    Re: Goals/Dreams/Aspirations for 2020

    Quote Originally Posted by MissThundercat View Post
    I don't do resolutions. Those are fickle things people start on January 1 and give up by January 5. Tell me what you really hope to accomplish in 2020. Here's my list:

    1. Restart my MSW in April along with an internship at Every Woman's Place in Muskegon. Denver's online program has been a blessing and I look to graduate in March 2022.

    2. Find a job in my field (psychology/social work/mental health). Got applications in already, and I'm hoping to get in with the state of Michigan as a Child and Protective Services Investigator.

    3. Finish writing my memoir and cookbook and send to a publisher by 12/31/2020.
    It's January 3 and pending background check, I'll have a job in my field to start the year!
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    Re: Goals/Dreams/Aspirations for 2020

    I plan on annoying everyone that I can and drinking heavily in the meantime. Looks like this year is already off to a good start!
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    Re: Goals/Dreams/Aspirations for 2020

    Cutting beef and processed meats (bacon, sausages, deli meats) down to once or twice a week by March.
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