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Thread: Commonwealth Coast Conference to Absorb CHC in 20-21

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    Commonwealth Coast Conference to Absorb CHC in 20-21

    This seemed pretty likely to happen once the two SUNY schools left for the NEWHL and WNEU announced a new program.

    The Colonial Hockey Conference, which currently consists of women's hockey teams whose athletic departments have full or associate membership with the CCC, will become a conference under the multi-sport CCC.

    To this end, the new WNEU women's program will become the sixth member when they launch. Suffolk, which in the summer announced they were returning to the CCC as a full member, will leave the NEHC to become the seventh member.

    The CCC women's hockey conference will have the seven teams to retain an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament. They may add an eighth as CCC member Curry which has an NCAA men's program and I believe a club program for women announced they were exploring a varsity women's team as part of their move to a different rink.

    EDIT: miscounted the members.
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