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Thread: Bottom Feeders 2019-20: Timely Results Are For That "Other" Tournament.

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    Re: Bottom Feeders 2019-20: Timely Results Are For That "Other" Tournament.

    OK. I'm official pumped about the Isle Royale location. This is a dream come true for a Great Lakes gal. I can't wait to attend. But ... oh ... I'm going to be out of town. I'll watch on ESPNU. I love lacrosse.
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    Re: Bottom Feeders 2019-20: Timely Results Are For That "Other" Tournament.

    Quote Originally Posted by huskyfan View Post
    Isle Royale for the Midwest??? Perfect! The lodges at Rock Harbor could be broken into for housing. No heat or electricity, but what the heck? its ICE hockey for god's sake. Provide players with a Swedish Pimple to jig for fish for meals. Goalies could jig while in goal. A nice hole in front of the net would prevent crashing the goalies. Maybe the team with the least catches could get a couple extra points.

    YES!! The guy who tried to Jet-Ski to Isle Royale this summer would be the perfect tournament host. He knows the waters. Perhaps he could pull a couple of rafts full of players. Of course, they may not make it to the Island ... but the tournament could be held wherever he runs out of gas. For transportation back - Coast Guard rescue - money saved, to pay for Swedish Pimples.
    We're putting them in the woods near Lake Desor. Lodges are too upscale for this tournament.

    For the West, a couple people who run orchards in Washington state said we could use their land. But that would give them access to quality food while playing... we don't even want them to have Gatorade.
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