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Thread: POTUS 45:52: Not Founded On Anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by rufus View Post
    It is when there's only one small part of the Constitution that a large number of people seem to give a crap about.
    I mean if republicans can shat all over the constitution, no reason why dems canít shat all over the second amendment

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    Re: POTUS 45:52: Not Founded On Anything

    "Obama Appointed Judges" has to be the stupidest three words ever uttered in sequence by a President of the United States, EVER. Yes, EVER. Trump being elected PROVES that we have an electorate that has no ****ing clue what system of government we have.
    **NOTE: The misleading post above was brought to you by Reynold's Wrap and American Steeples, makers of Crosses.

    Originally Posted by dropthatpuck-Scooby's a lost cause.
    Originally Posted by First Time, Long Time-Always knew you were nothing but a troll.

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