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Thread: 2019 Frozen Four: NCHC vs. Hockey East

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    there's a good buck in that racket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
    BIngo. I didn't want to take the time to find another one because I figured if the one was bad, ALL of them were going to suck. Dumb on my part. The women's bathroom right next to it never had a line.
    Identify as a sit down pee'er dude!!!!!

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    Re: 2019 Frozen Four: NCHC vs. Hockey East

    Quote Originally Posted by mookie1995 View Post
    Identify as a sit down pee'er dude!!!!!
    "Excuse me, where is the non-binary BLTQ123 bathroom?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Ambrose on 3/7/2010 View Post
    The fact that you BC fans revel in the superiority of your team in an admittedly weak league leads me to believe you will be more sorely disappointed when the end comes than we will.

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