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Thread: TV: One Person's Trash...

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    Re: TV: One Person's Trash...

    I would say if you don't "get" Canadian humor, that show would be lost on you. I am mostly lost on British humor, FTR. Monty Python, outside of Holy Grail, I don't find funny. A moment here or there, but that's it.

    Finished Punisher. Good closure to the main storyline. Now just awaiting the final season of JJ, and then....fin.
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    Re: TV: One Person's Trash...

    Here's a tip: it's hard to get tuna out of your dickhole.


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    Re: TV: One Person's Trash...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Rube View Post
    I would say if you don't "get" Canadian humor, that show would be lost on you.
    Uh I don't think there is anything to be lost here. It's pretty straight-forward and I get it. It's funny in spots and gets a bit repetitive. But that wasn't Handy's point anyway.

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    Re: TV: One Person's Trash...

    Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King.

    Just watch it. F-cking brilliant.
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