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Thread: Pacquiao vs Broner

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    Pacquiao vs Broner

    Let's talk some boxing while you're drinking your coffee. I seriously don't believe Broner has a chance against Pacquiao.

    Before I watched these training and workout videos on Youtube, I believe Broner is the guy who can knock Pacquiao (the old version) out.

    After watching, all I can say is WOW for the Pacman. This guy is like 21 on these leg/footwork or whatever those exercises are.

    He is a senator, do a lot of crazy things in the Philippines (aside from boxing), and then for whatever reasons, still maintain this kind of body and motivation.

    Screw it. Broner is already done. We gotta see Pacman vs Mayweather 2 - not some silly Japanese guy.

    ref: Crawford vs Khan Live Stream.
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    Re: Pacquiao vs Broner


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    Rover Frenchy, Classic! Great post.
    iwh30 I wish I could be as smart as you. I really do you are the man
    gregg729 I just saw your sig, you do love having people revel in your "intelligence."
    Ritt18 you are the perfect representation of your alma mater.
    Shirtless Bob That's it, you win.
    TBA#2 I want to kill you and dance in your blood.
    DisplacedCornellian Hahaha. Thread over. Frenchy wins.

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