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Thread: Bohemian Rap City: Movies Thread

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    Re: Bohemian Rap City: Movies Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Kepler View Post
    Theoretically you could remake anything. It's probably just not a good idea when a performance has eclipsed the movie itself. It would be bad taste to remake The Wizard of Oz. That b-tch is Dorothy, the end.
    That's a good way of putting it.

    Ralph Breaks The Internet:

    You think I wasn't gonna watch this movie?? :wink:

    Tremendous. The Disney Princesses scene....I haven't laughed that f*ing hard since The Bag Scene in Django Unchained. Highly recommend. Standard Disney formula in this type of movie, no surprise and no disappointment in that aspect. You know what you're getting into. And it's worth it.
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    Re: Bohemian Rap City: Movies Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobyDoo View Post
    Anything could be remade now.
    god gave you eyes,
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    Re: Bohemian Rap City: Movies Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by mookie1995 View Post
    god gave you eyes,
    But please remember always to be calling it "research."
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