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Thread: RPI @ Union, Saturday, 10/27/18

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    Re: RPI @ Union, Saturday, 10/27/18

    You know what... taking a look at the stats... I think Bennett made some not so good coaching decisions that worked in our favor this week. Based on the numbers, it looks like only the Maier and Supinski lines were really out there doing much, while we were consistently rolling at least 3 lines. Obviously the challenge from last night as well; there's way too much time left in the game and you're getting a power play, there's no reason to challenge something that isn't blatantly obvious to be overturned. Save that timeout. You never know if you might need it at the end of regulation, which through hindsight we know, but best to hedge the bet.
    It was an honor to present your colors, RPI. Let's Go 'TUTE!
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    Ahh crap I agree exactly with what FlagDude said.
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    And yet, even if Flaggy is complete tinfoil hat, every day it looks closer and closer to the truth.
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    So flaggy: you win.

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    Re: RPI @ Union, Saturday, 10/27/18

    Quote Originally Posted by FlagDUDE08 View Post
    ... Enjoy the win tonight, but tomorrow and the week ahead is going to be interesting practice wise.
    QFT. The new week will be different. Next weekend matters.

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    Re: RPI @ Union, Saturday, 10/27/18

    Quote Originally Posted by FlagDUDE08 View Post
    Coach is probably going to have some words about that. Maybe some conditioning exercises, since we seem to have problems playing hard the full 60.
    I think that we have to give some credit to Union for the push in the third period. They were a desperate team and played like it.
    We did a great job standing up to that. Especially in killing the major penalty early in the period.
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