Evening, Lodge. Stumbled across a problem tonight. My aunt, the person who recently moved to NC, but had to fly back this week to close the deal on all business/home papers, was hacked on FB tonight.
1. Friend request, then request cancelled, then re-instated
2. Sent a private message about how my weekend went. Slight typo, nothing outrageous.

Both of those did NOT fit her pattern for FBing. Called her up, and apparently, she was currently having dinner with my uncle at the time, and not using internet, and mentioned having issues with FB. Told her how to fix everything, seems that the issues started just before her flight back this afternoon. She's basically on FB once a month at best. In the end, probably saved her a ton of additional headaches, with the whole transition of things that is going on. Still, a PITA. She flat out said she probably wouldn't have figured it out if I hadn't called; would have blamed it on her phone.