Plenty of entities in The Press are doing solid investigative work -- now more than ever. "The Press" isn't the problem. The problems are:

1) The most well-known entities in the media are corporate entertainment divisions. Either they can't run real news stories because their portfolio is entertainment (dummies won't sit still for difficult information) or they won't run real news because it would implicate their corporate ownership in crimes (the Plutes own the major media outlets and censor them from reporting on the theft of public resources by the rich).

2) The vast majority of obscure entities in media are garbage -- either outright lying bots run by bad actors or incompetent conspiracy theorists run by insane actors.

3) The tiny minority of obscure entities in media doing the real work are overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the competitors.

The information is being gathered and reported but we'll never see it. Capitalism has reached its most perfect form of self-protection, not through active authoritarian coercion, but by flooding the zone with crap.