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I recall him mentioning it but not consistently. You stated, "The older guys seem to not have really adapted to the new style, while the younger ones have, at least to a point." I asked you to explain the style difference. Cuteness is a style difference between Motzko and Lucia? I don't think Lucia taught "cuteness" as a positive attribute in ANY of his teams. And the younger guys are playing "cute" as you state, "to a point"? Wow. And you have proof of this?

I work within an academic culture of Millennials and post-Millennials, and they often require an attitude adjustment. That's a coaching issue that Motzko should be able to handle and he's been far too soft. Good coaches know if guys don't change they don't play. Worked really well for Herbie.
It's been consistent. And you misread. The younger guys are adjusting, and getting ugly. Yeah, totally expect a full change within the same calendar year. Keep grinding that axe of whatever you're holding on to. :P Kinda obvious you have an agenda to keep. Chumps to champions doesn't happen overnight.