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Thread: SCOTUS 12: Will Kavanaugh Be Confirmed?

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    Already insane, UAA making it worse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Jaslow View Post
    Then it looks like a delay is a done deal.
    Sounds like they will indeed have the FBI investigate.

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    Re: SCOTUS 12: Will Kavanaugh Be Confirmed?

    After the divisiveness, more #WalkAway.
    It was an honor to present your colors, RPI. Let's Go 'TUTE!
    May 14th, 2011, 11:00 PM ET: 2147483647

    "Better to be infamous than never famous at all." -Roger Stone

    Quote Originally Posted by French Rage View Post
    Ahh crap I agree exactly with what FlagDude said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Handyman View Post
    And yet, even if Flaggy is complete tinfoil hat, every day it looks closer and closer to the truth.
    Quote Originally Posted by burd View Post
    So flaggy: you win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by St. Clown View Post
    Take away family members and it's probably low single-digits.
    You are on fire NBA Jam style!

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    Re: SCOTUS 12: Will Kavanaugh Be Confirmed?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Sicatoka View Post
    It is what it is.
    The numbers don't lie.
    And nobody's ever bullied the smart kid amirite?
    *look guys, I can't help it that I have a really big dick*

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