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Thread: Gear Grinding 9: I Need a Wine!

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    Re: Gear Grinding 9: I Need a Wine!

    I used Smart Switch when I upgraded my Samsung, and all Google related content just required me to login.

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    Re: Gear Grinding 9: I Need a Wine!

    Quote Originally Posted by FadeToBlack&Gold View Post
    So, Office is a user story in and of itself. I'm still on the 2003 version because I am cheap and haven't really needed to upgrade. Plus now I am seeing that Microsoft has moved to a cloud subscription model for Office 365. Clever.

    Music has been addressed. Just need to pull my other docs now, and get my Chrome folders/bookmarks setup, and then that will be OK.
    You don't have to get Office 365 in order to have Office. I don't have 365, but I have current Office on my PC. You might want to check if your employer has a Home Use Purchase program the way mine does. $10 for full Enterprise Office, and it's always updated to the most recent version when they're released. And it's on my computer, not the Cloud.
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    Re: Gear Grinding 9: I Need a Wine!

    Denver thinks it's Seattle again. 45 and rainy. Make it stop.
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    Re: Gear Grinding 9: I Need a Wine!

    Quote Originally Posted by Twitch Boy View Post
    Denver thinks it's Seattle again. 45 and rainy. Make it stop.
    I feel for you. We haven't had a full day of sun in so long I don't remember

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    Re: Gear Grinding 9: I Need a Wine!

    I'm in an online program through the University of Denver for my MSW... I need to do some coursework today, and the website is down.

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