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Thread: 2018-19 DIII Commitments

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    Quote Originally Posted by MND3Dad View Post
    Bobrowski was head and shoulders the best player in the MIAC, and Dodds was responsible defensively. Simon and Hansen aren't wonderful in their own zone. But some of the recruits they've landed are very talented - so far, the best in-state recruits that have been announced (have to think St. Thomas has some up their sleeve they haven't revealed yet.) So, Hamline will likely be favored in the league, but GAC and St. Thomas will be real solid again. As to Darwitz turning into Mike Carroll... they are equally liked in the league.
    LMAO, thank you for giving me such a full outburst of genuine laughter with your last sentence! So eloquently put!

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    Re: 2018-19 DIII Commitments

    If we are adding transfers to the list:

    DI transfers from UMD to UW Superior:

    Catherine Johnson - G
    Lauren Niska - D

    Seamless transferóRumor has it (unverified) that they arenít even moving ó continuing to rent with the UMD junior class hockey players.

    Johnson is likely to be a big presence and excellent mentor to the other Gs. Guessing she got the squeeze from UMD with Rooney returning from the Olympics and now in the same class and their new freshman from Sweden (senior statesman--older than Johnson and will turn 21 her freshman year.... that's a conversation for another day).
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