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Thread: Nat'l Semis: UW-Stevens Point vs. Salve Regina

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    Re: Nat'l Semis: UW-Stevens Point vs. Salve Regina

    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Jaslow View Post
    A lot of those shots were from far out with no traffic and no second chances. It was a good team effort on defense.
    yes, the netminder had very good rebound control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landing1010 View Post
    I know the program well, Salve only gives Academic based grant money and financial Aide based on need like most schools. Not sure if you have ever been to Newport, but the campus is one of the most beautiful in the country, situated right on the Atlantic Ocean. The talent level across D3 hockey has increased everywhere, and the decision the spend 4 years on the ocean instead if the mountains of VT is an easy one for some. Additionally a few years ago, Salve finally made the Head Hockey Coach a full time salaried position. Up until then it was a 12k per year position. This had the biggest impact.
    Just playing devil’s advocate...The university sets the amounts for the “academic merit” money and awards it. They could, hypothetically, be “buying” a championship. I am NOT accusing Salve of anything; just saying your rebuttal to that post doesn’t hold water.

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    Re: Nat'l Semis: UW-Stevens Point vs. Salve Regina

    Quote Originally Posted by CCC Fan View Post
    Last I knew goals scored determined the better team, not shots on goal. Go CCC!
    "Better" is entirely subjective to the eye of the beholder (sort of like prettier), "winner" is entirely objective. I don't think I've (subjectively) seen a team move the puck as well as UWSP did last night since the P'burgh or M'bury powerhouses from last century. Obviously "beautiful" hockey does not always result in wins.

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