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Thread: DIII All-Decade Teams

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    DIII All-Decade Teams

    With the decade coming to a close and a similar thread on the DIII Men's Board, I thought this might be a fun exercise.

    Who do you have as your favorite team's All-Decade squad?

    I decided to make a first team and second team given the success of my favorite program:

    My picks for Plattsburgh:

    First Team:
    F: Melissa Sheeran '18
    F: Teal Gove '13
    F: Kayla Meneghin '18
    D: Erin Brand '17
    D: Hannah Kiraly '20
    G: Sydney Aveson '14

    Second Team:
    F: Courtney Moriarty '19
    F: Annie Katonka '21
    F: Shannon Stewart '15
    D: Alyssa Parke '15
    D: Allison Era '14
    G: Camille Leonard '17
    Scott Henkle
    SUNY Plattsburgh Class of 2012

    Proud alumn of WQKE

    GO CARDS!!

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    1st Team

    F. Amanda Conway ‘20
    F. Julie Fortier ‘12
    F. Sarah Schwenzfeier ‘18
    D. Kim Tiberi ‘18
    D. Kayla Parsons ‘14
    G. Laurie King ‘18

    2nd Team

    F. Melissa Rundlett ‘12
    F. Sophie McGovern ‘20
    F. Kaycie Anderson ‘15
    D. Samantha Benoit ‘21
    D. Sarianne Lynn ‘12
    G. Kelly Fisk ‘15

    I didn’t include Cindy Fortin, Sophie Leclerc and Amanda Wilks because they only played one year in the decade.
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