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Thread: Dave Burkholder and Niagara part ways

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    Dave Burkholder and Niagara part ways

    He'd done a lot of good things there before the past few bad years... Such is Life, I suppose.

    Tell ya what, though, if you see the Coach at a game -or wherever- go talk to him about hockey. You won't often find a more more affable, intelligent nor a funnier man...

    Do it, if you get the chance.

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    Re: Dave Burkholder and Niagara part ways

    All in all, I really like Dave Burkholder and have been saddened to see his teams doing so poorly over the last few years. I got to know all the College Hockey American coaches a little bit over the years, and as you said, he's a good dude with a great wit. Burky will bounce back up somewhere, even if it's to be a goalie coach for a season. (Hey buddy, come to Huntsville for a year and teach our guys how to knock the nets off when the refs aren't looking!)

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