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Thread: so 15 in/plus one more

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    so 15 in/plus one more

    What a great weekend of hockey..and we are not done yet...
    What...15 teams in and one to the sun is just setting here and almost tomorrow in other places.
    Nice to know if Michigan wins, they are in....they lose...hello Yale.....
    no more mathematical stuff needed...May your favorite team win!!!

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    Re: so 15 in/plus one more

    The NCAA will likely prefer a Michigan win, as it seems to set up for easier brackets, and better attendance (nothing against Yale, but simply based on what can be done with the brackets).

    Keeping the western teams generally west, and eastern teams generally east should help attendance, and a general level of bracket integrity will remain if Michigan's in. If Yale is in, the NCAA has a more difficult choice, intergrity of the bracket, or money from butts in the seats.

    Go Blue.

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