Zebra'S starting in 2013-14

  1. PerkyforPrez
    I am concerned at what we might be left with for refs. Every weekend the Lakers are at home one has to wonder where in the heck they came up with these clowns. I hope piotrowski is not part of it because he has done a terrible job with the ccha.
  2. Bale
    I think no one is ever going to be happy about the refs. Every team in the WCHA thinks that the Sheppherd's hate them. There is no good solution. These guys are not full-time and won't be. You're never going to have top-of-the-line guys because it's just not worth it to the best of the best to get yelled and screamed at. I'd love it to be perfect, but that's a pipe dream in my opinion.
  3. PerkyforPrez
    The ccha ar's can't even seem to get the offsides right at an alarming rate. I am not looking for perfection but some kind of consistancy. Take sergodawfull for instance you never know what is or is not going to be called a penalty from him and i mean in the same game. He is only one of many that have been like that this year. To make myself clear I'm am not whining that my team got screwed it is that they take away the flow of the game and at times had a hand in the out come of a game.
  4. Flashy Man
    Flashy Man
    The truth about officiating is it won't get better for any league (NCHC included) until officials are made a full-time job. For example officiating in MLS games were terrible until a full-time staff was hired.
  5. PerkyforPrez
    I would like to see the nWCHA go with just a single ref. I go to the Pullar and watch NAHL games with one ref and it seems to go well. The new league could save some money goimg this route.
  6. gfmorris
    Does anyone really like refs, though? At best you're ignoring them because they're not screwing up—your team or the other guys.

    We've finally gotten a good pool of ARs around here, but we've been getting a mixed bags on the refs we bring in. We're usually getting ARs from other conferences who have been wanting to try to wear the arm-band, and it usually shows. For us, chances are that we're going to see an improvement no matter what. There wasn't a lot of league ref support in the CHA, either, so I've forgotten what half-decent officiating looks like.

  7. PerkyforPrez
    The old saying goes if you don't notice the ref's they did a good job. Sadly very seldom do the go unnoticed.
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