View Full Version : That was dirty by Dane Walters in WMU-BG Jan 28

01-28-2012, 10:55 PM
I understand how it can be in hockey that tempers flare and hits come in, high and low. Blows to the head are unfortunate, but they may happen. At the end of the game, when you are down 2:1 and you rush the net, the save is made, the scuffle in front of the goalie is bound to ensue. When two players tumble down to the ice, the blows will be exchanged, while the two are down. I have no problem with that. But whatever words are exchanged in this scuffle, why would Dane Walters, while getting up, use his stick and his weight to use that aforementioned stick as a leverage against Marcus Perrier's knee? Here is what I don't get. You can have real animosity during the game, and, granted, that game was physical. But with that "move" you can tear an ACL, crack or dislocate a kneecap. Take it from someone who had his ACL torn and his knee reconstructed. Twice. A "move" like that can end someone's career or set it back by a year or two. This is from one 20+ yr old guy to another 20+ yr old guy, and one guy, whatever his emotions were at the time, could take another guy's livelihood away in one moment of retaliation. Think about that Mr. Walters ... That was real dirty ...