View Full Version : MTU at NMU, Friday, Dec. 16: Our Assistant Coach Can Beat Up Your Assistant Coach

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12-16-2011, 10:31 PM
First off, no they didn't. NMU won 2-0 at Tech and brought the quasi-retired Ramada Cup out of the locker room and paraded it around.

Secondly, that weekend never existed. Now I need another Valium.

Yeah what he said...I don't pay attention to detail some times: Year-By-Year_Results (http://webb.nmu.edu/SportsAthletics/Sports/MensHockey/Game_Notes/Records/11Year-By-Year_Results.pdf)

Of course Northern won the next night...why would I have thought otherwise!

Bad on me...

Already figured that out earlier--my bad.

Tonight Northern out played Tech for the most part; but, I thought Tech didn't entirely show up for this one, at least not like I saw them play against Minnie last weekend.

12-16-2011, 10:32 PM
games like that are the reason this season is just as frustrating as last, in spite of having more wins overall. why do these games keep happening when we're already into December? :(
Who knows but it is certainly frustrating. I'll be at GLI, but expectations have dropped quite a bit after this one. Maybe I'll just go to the olympia room and watch on tv.