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10-27-2011, 09:55 AM
At the outset, I'm going to take this opportunity to both eat crow for being dead wrong, and to apologize for some of the things I said about Chris Schultz on this board. Most of allegations that I made about him at the end of the 2010 season, during the fallout from the NCAA sanctions, were not only uncalled for but completely without merit (the official NCAA report from that incident can attest to my being wrong). These allegations were made out of emotion, not reason, and for that I am deeply sorry for having shared them publicly without first vetting them. That they were emotional doesn't excuse me for having said them, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Chris Schultz and his staff for not clearing the record on that sooner. I will also cop to being dead wrong for calling into question his coaching. There's nobody better to coach the Ice Knights, now and for the future, than Schultzie.

Making inflammatory statements about a public person from behind the anonymity of a message board handle is cowardly, and not in accordance with my own personal values. For this reason, in another attempt to set things straight, I'd like to introduce myself:

Rob Wittenberg '08
rob.wittenberg at gmail.com

With that out of the way, and because there isn't already a thread for this, let's talk about 2011-2012 Ice Knights.

This is a young Geneseo team that finished last season ranked 7 in the country and didn't lose many players to graduation. I expect them to disrupt the Plattswego hegemony in the SUNYAC yet again and be vying for first place in a top-heavy league. I'm looking forward to following this team from afar, if not, unfortunately, watching them.


SB in the 'Seo
10-27-2011, 12:26 PM

Thank you for your post and starting this thread. As far as your apology I think that was a very mature and responsible thing to do. As another Geneseo alum - posts like this represent the strong values held by the young men and women that have attended our alma mater. Although I don't remember your posts specifically I have always found you to be insightful and un biased.

As you may remember I was confronted by someone who misinterpreted my posts as negative things at the time of the violations and also posted a "clarification/apology." I'm pretty sure in my case the bad feelings were more intended to be directed at another Geneseo poster, but I was present so kind of took the blame. Most of my posts relating to the vilations were just pretty simple reporting of facts and expressing my own concern about possible long term effects to the program and in no way made any comments about anyone personally.

My point is I had to make a decision if I wanted just to always speak sunshine and roses to appeal to people like the person who confronted me or if I wanted to speak my honest opinions even if it wasn't always pretty. For myself, I don't believe in bashing amateur athletes who are in all good faith trying their hardest and representing the school with class and honor, besides that rule I made the decision to speak my honest opinions and hope you come to the same conclusion and continue to be a strong voice for Geneseo hockey on this forum.

I'm going to get back to work for now, but I'm going to post some thoughts about the first game and the season later on.

Steve Bennett

SB in the 'Seo
10-27-2011, 04:33 PM
As promised some thoughts on the Ice Knights 2011-2012:

First of all, I am very optimistic about this team and think this is the strongest Geneseo team since 06-07. That team underperformed and was ultimately snake-bitten by the 3 different coaches in 3 years and couldn't overcome the challenges associated with that much turnover. I expect this team to be firmly in the mix with Plattsburgh and Oswego for tops in the SUNYAC. I could really see any combination 1-2-3 of those three teams especially since I haven't seen those other two teams play yet. That said, if I'm forced to pick I'd go 1) Oswego 2) Geneseo 3) Plattsburgh.

Schultz comes back for his 6th season and his first SUNYAC coach of the year. Despite some struggles early in their tenure, after last season, this needs to be regarded as one of the strongest staffs in D3 hockey. As noted in the "4 Zebras ..." thread Geneseo has also picked up Craig Dahl (former Saint Cloud St. head coach) as a volunteer assistant coach. Although I don't know a ton about Craig's career, I think we can agree that getting free advice from an experienced college hockey coach should be an asset to the squad. Along with assistant coaches Heeres and Barton, Geneseo should have the coaching edge in most of their games this season.

As far of the players themselves, Geneseo returns their top 9 scorers and top 2 goalies from last season's team that went as high as #6 in the polls. Their top 6 forwards include 3 seniors, 1 junior, and 2 sophomores (including SUNYAC ROY Zach Vit) - top 4 defensemen are 3 seniors (including All-American Dan Scagnelli), and a junior. The PK unit leader is also a senior. Cory Gershon and Adrian Rubenik will be splitting time between the pipes. Sprinkle in a few good freshman with this experience-laden team and that is a recipe for success.

A few potential pitfalls I see:

1) Injuries - This is always a concern and seems to already be biting the Ice Knights. All-American Dan Scagnelli was not playing last Saturday and his arm was in a sling.

2) Weight of expectations - I wasn't really thinking about this to be honest before the game last week, but you could feel a very different energy to the crowd. Last years team changed things and the fans expect excellence. When things started going badly in last weeks game you heard groans, boos, and some calls for the back up goalie. I personally don't agree with what they were doing: (A) it was the first game of the season so they'll be some signs of rust (B) Adrian is a highly talented team it would have been a small upset so beat them (C) The goalie played OK his defense hung him out to dry a lot. That said, the expectations are still there and the players will have to deal with them. Will they be able to handle it? I hope so.

I think they showed the great talent this team has in the first game, but showed there is still a lot of room for improvement (in particular in the defensive zone.) If (as Rob said) they can "build on success" they should be in position to play well into March.

Hope everyone enjoys another great college hockey season!

10-28-2011, 10:34 PM
Great comeback win against Buff. State tonight, especially against an excellent goalie like Carr. Though it's obviously very early in the season, this was a significant win, I think, particularly with all the freshmen getting major icetime (in part due to the injuries to Scags, Manley, and Redlick) and also for Gershon. If they can get healthy, they can go far.

SB in the 'Seo
10-28-2011, 11:00 PM
Just returned from tonight's game against Buffalo State.

First of all, hats off to Buffalo State, they are a good team that should be in the running for at least a home playoff game in the opening round and maybe even a first round bye for the SUNYAC playoffs. Kevin Carr is the best goaltender in SUNYAC, period. He is a division 1 goalie and will win this team 5-6 games on his own.

Geneseo "Tebowed" the Bengals tonight. They scored a goal in one of the games' first half dozen shifts and then played poorly for the next 50 minutes. Then, in the last few minutes when all seemed lost, Geneseo managed to pull this game out of their behind. When Schultz got on the post game show the first words out of his mouth (even though it didn't directly answer the question he was asked) were "our defense was horrible today, absolutely terrible decisions with the puck." Needless to say that area of play will need to get better in order for Geneseo to go far this season.

Clint Olson and David Arduin were the players of the game in my mind. Schultz agreed on the post game show he said that those two "put the team on their backs" and willed the Ice Knights to a victory. Olson really shows what is great about college hockey in my opinion. He has sacrificed being in a starring role in order to basically float between lines, head up the PK, and in general be the ultimate grinder. I don't think he has played with the same two line mates 3 games in a row the last two years. He was rewarded for all his hard work with a game winner in OT.

Also gotta give some dap to Kaz Iwamoto and Zach Vit. It was only Iwamoto's 2nd game in the 2011 calendar year and he really brought a good spark whenever he was on the ice. Vit is just a monster and chalked up 2 more points tonight. He assisted on the first goal and scored the tying goal with 0.9 seconds left on the clock. Schultz said after the game about Vit's talent "He is the type of player you get every 8-9 years if you're lucky."

Buff State's coach looked pretty furious with the final play in overtime that allowed Geneseo's GWG. I have to agree to the naked eye it looked like it should have been an icing. A puck was flipped in deep over the head of the Buff St. defender and down past the goal line. It would seem that if would be an icing but my assumption is the official felt if the player had gotten a better "break" on the puck (sort of like a pop fly in baseball) instead of watching it for 2-3 seconds he could have gotten to it in time and hence waved off the icing.

After the game, Buff State actually left the ice for a good 3 minutes and then came back from the locker room in order to do the post game handshake. Not really sure why they left in the first place, probably just a mistake or they didn't want to wait for the Geneseo pig-pile/celebration to end. At first I was thinking well maybe they haven't experienced an OT loss before, but then I remembered that this year's senior class would have been freshman the year I did radio for the team and they were knocked out of the playoffs by Geneseo at the Ira in OT (same score 4-3). Regardless, I think that there is an explanation other than bad sportsmanship (which was what probably 80% of the Geneseo fans were leaning towards considering the boos) to what happened, but whatever the reason it was funny to see Geneseo just standing there at center ice for 2-3 minutes waiting for Buff St to come back for handshakes.

My fear of injuries was realized as Geneseo was missing 4 starting forwards and 1 defense man. Does anyone know if RogueViking has any eligibility left?

Geneseo will have to play much better tomorrow against Fredonia in order get a 4 point weekend, but it was a good character building win for the Ice Knights this evening.

10-29-2011, 06:12 AM
Great win last night. It's awesome to be able to watch it online, and the radio team is also excellent. Does anyone know how bad the injuries are? If Scagnelli, Decosse, Manley, and Redlick are all out for an extended period, it certainly changes the team from a skill team to a grinding team.

SB in the 'Seo
10-29-2011, 08:10 AM
Great win last night. It's awesome to be able to watch it online, and the radio team is also excellent. Does anyone know how bad the injuries are? If Scagnelli, Decosse, Manley, and Redlick are all out for an extended period, it certainly changes the team from a skill team to a grinding team.

Scagnelli - Saw him with his arm in a sling at the first game.

Decosse/Redlick - (This information comes from the radio pre-game show) Both suffered lower body injuries at practice on Tuesday. I saw Redlick last night and didn't see anything that looked too bad (no crutches, no limping, etc.) I didn't see Decosse.

Manley - (Again from the pre-game show) Was going to be re-evaluated yesterday (Friday) to see if he could play today (Saturday.)

10-30-2011, 11:30 AM
Better decision-making last night in the 2-1 victory against Fredonia, and Ruby made some excellent saves. It was also nice to see Manley out there again--he was not quite up-to-speed yet, but made some nice passes around the Fredonia net. Olson, freshman Martin, and (as usual) Schell were all over the ice creating havoc.

Erik Talbot
10-30-2011, 09:27 PM
You can find the latest Ice Knights info on the WGSU Sports Blog. http://wgsusports.blogspot.com/

I am the Station Manager at WGSU and this is my second year doing play-by-play on the radio. The blog will essentially a quicker and sometimes longer version of what will appear in the Lamron every Thursday. If you aren't aware, you can listen to every Geneseo hockey game, home and away, online at http://wgsu.geneseo.edu/

One of the major concerns for the Ice Knights this season will be how they play through injuries, and so far they've dealt with the situation very well. Both games this weekend there were only two players that were healthy and didn't suit up. This is a very deep team and showed last weekend they have the ability to succeed even with several key players not playing due to injury.

11-19-2011, 01:32 PM
Anybody who's seen the games have any insight into what's going on with the Ice Knights? Getting blown out by Brockport and Potsdam in the span of two weeks is worrisome. Are there still a lot of injuries?

Erik Talbot
11-19-2011, 02:25 PM
Yes, the Ice Knights do have a lot of injuries. They only sent 22 players on the trip up north because everyone else is hurt. In those two bad losses they got poor goaltender play which was not a concern at all heading into the season. Last night against Potsdam they also spent too much time in the penalty box with five penalties in the first period alone and a five minute major which really cost them in the second period where Potsdam scored three times.

11-19-2011, 03:24 PM
What was the situation in goal last night? The box score is confusing as hell http://collegehockeystats.net/1112/boxes/mgenpot1.n18

Rubeniuk played 38 seconds and gave up a goal on one shot? Huh? Why did they bring him in?

11-19-2011, 04:02 PM
What was the situation in goal last night? The box score is confusing as hell http://collegehockeystats.net/1112/boxes/mgenpot1.n18

Rubeniuk played 38 seconds and gave up a goal on one shot? Huh? Why did they bring him in?

It looks like they brought him in because Gershon allowed 6 goals... most teams would switch things up if they gave up 6 goals, so that's understandable.

I think it's a bit unfair to Rubeniuk to pull him after 1 goal on 1 shot in less that 40 seconds. Shame on the team in front of him for letting the other team get a shot on a cold goaltender so quickly. (Last week I saw a backup replaced with the original starter after allowing 2 goals on 2 shots in 6 minutes... which is a bit more understandable than letting a guy play 40 seconds.)

That said, seems like Haude did well, although h only faced 5 shots in over a period... seems like the team in front of him played a little better, eh?

Also: perhaps they wanted Haude in, but he had an equipment issue, and the needed to put Rubeniuk in for a couple plays while they dealt with it? I wasn't there, so I can't say really.

11-19-2011, 04:18 PM
Seems overly cruel to pull Rubie after one shot on goal. If you want Haude at least let Rubie finish out the period and start Haude in the third? Wasn't there so maybe there were extenuating circumstances.

11-21-2011, 02:16 PM
I usually just read the forum to stay up-to-date and learn from others. But after this past weekend I'm going to step out and voice (vent) a point of view, not a condemnation because I see a great program and gentlemen (coaches) who have generally done a great job...but everyone can improve. Sometimes we all find ourselves in a rut and don't realize how we got there. I think these coaches are bright and will hopefully look not just at the players for anwers...but also to themselves.

I also wasn't there in Potsdam so agree there may be extenuating circumstances, but...and this is a big but... this season I've witnessed and heard on the audio feeds, things that lead me to conclude that the bench staff has things to correct before taking the kind of cruel action like the pulling of Rubes. Why wasn't a time-out called when things began to slide, say after the 2nd or 3rd. goal? If a change was on their minds...why not allow the new goalie to begin the period when some mental prep would benefit him? And finally, unrelated to the goalie but perhaps related to the coaching mind-set, I know there are injuries but players should still be afforded more familiarity and continuity with line-mates. Certainly not the mix-master approach of different pairings and lines each and every game...even shift to shift.

The 1st game vs Adrian was maybe the best example of what is wrong but can be corrected, if the bench staff is to look inwards. The Knights were up 4-1 and then Adrian scores 2 quick ones...why not a time-out to settle things down? Didn't happen, and Adrian keeps their momentum to score 2 more and go up 5-4. The hockey clock-gods smiled on the Knights and they tie it with .09 left...should be uplifting right? Overtime begins with a pp for the Knights...should be an advantage right? But...the same players on for the whole power play, then a whistle in Knights defensive zone. I can't recall if it was icing thus no change allowed...but was a time-out possible? Better still, Why not a change at some point during the pp so you give two sets of pp squads a chance and reduce the risk of getting caught with an exhausted group? That would be thinking ahead... BUT, the result was the same guys stayed on for more than 2 minutes of overtime... and Adrian scores. NOT the player's fault. Last time I checked, the pros average about 45 seconds a shift.

There is lots of up-side to this situation. Perhaps a coaching staff that responds more positively (and timely) during the game would be a start. Certainly a healthier team instead of one where almost 30% of your starters are out and even more playing bruised...and finally, creating some continuity...they aren't pawns on a board...they all have skills and attributes that are unique but they need a chance to develop some chemistry, not simply be 'plugged' into spots like wooded pegs. This is a good, talented team...the coach may never get a better chance. I hope things change enough to 'allow' these players to realize more of their potential.

Josh Carey
11-21-2011, 06:10 PM
Long post

I just want to make it 100% clear this post was not written by me posting under an alternate handle.

Carry on.

01-07-2012, 09:47 PM
Congratulations are in order for Adrian Rubeniuk, for completing the Ice Knights' first shut out victory since the 2003-2004 campaign. Rubeniuk stopped 12 shots tonight in Geneseo's 8-0 shellacking of Franklin Pierce. Now that the monkey is off your backs boys, here's looking forward to many more shutouts like this one :)

In case you're wondering, the last Geneseo shutout victory occurred on November 2, 2003, when Jeff Phelps stopped 23 shots in a 3-0 win over Lebanon Valley

01-07-2012, 10:16 PM
And congratulations to David Arduin for his first career hat trick after his return to the ice this weekend from significant injury!

01-11-2012, 09:35 PM
Heads up Boys and Girls......Genny smoked Hobart tonight 6-2...this may be the turnaround game??:eek:

Erik Talbot
01-11-2012, 09:47 PM
I think Elmira may have been the turnaround game, that was when they first showed signs of how they played for parts of last year.