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10-07-2011, 06:39 AM
With a current standing offer to join the two other service academies in Atlantic Hockey already in place, USHR is reporting the chances of the Midshipmen adding varsity ice hockey is "very good". They would play on-campus at the new McMullen Arena which currently holds 500 and has room to expand to 3000. Without doing to much copy/pasting straight from their website heres some of whats being reported.

Right now, the club program is in a somewhat similar position to that of Penn State before the Nittany Lions took the plunge. The Naval Academy has a track record in hockey for 42 consecutive years theyve had a squad and the support of the administration and fans.

Navy, which hosted the NCAA Frozen Four in Washington, DC in 2010, currently competes in the ACHA Div. I level of the Eastern Collegiate Hockey Association. Navys AD, Chet Gladchuk, does indeed get alumni pressure to elevate the program to Div. I. However, the formerly AD at Boston College knows exactly what is required to compete at the Div. I level, and is not going to be rushed. In other words, there will be no move until hes sure Navy has their ducks in a row. That means funding, and college hockey is not a cheap sport.

We run our program like a Div. I program right now, says head coach Mike Fox. Im always looking for players that enable us to be competitive, to get to the next level.

Were narrowing the gap. We have great young talent. If we just keep going and continue to win things will fall in place in time. There are people who never thought wed be where we are right now.

Navy has a game this Sunday vs. the Northeastern club team at Matthews Arena in Boston. Faceoff is 3:30 pm. Congressman Stephen Lynch (9th District, Mass.) and Senator Scott Brown are both expected to be in attendance.

10-07-2011, 06:48 AM
I am not in favor. They would have an unfair advantage being that the game is played on water.