View Full Version : The Neumann University 2011-12 : Taking it to the Bank

Captain Obvious
09-23-2011, 07:38 AM
Another season is upon us, and the boys open up the season in about a month at Princeton. I have been out for a few open skates, and the boys look good. I heard that Dawes is following Dallas Mavericks guard, Jason Terry's, philosophy of tattooing the National Championship trophy on himself before the season, as he is that confident in the team. I heard it was not on the inner bicep like Terry though, possibly upper thigh? ;)

You have to look at this team with confidence, even though the West is up for grabs every year. They return two solid goaltenders in MacKinnon and Tendler. From what I have watched, the freshman goalie Ben Curley looks to challenge also. Curley played last year for Gloucester of the CJHL.

We only lost 2 guys on defense in Bianchini and Rodell. Don't get me wrong, love to have those guys on my team, but I think we have some serious guys to fill those shoes. From what I have watched, the two freshman Matt Mazzarolo of the BCHL and Dan McDougall from the NAHL seem to be good fits on our blueline. We all have to remember we still return a strong crew, and one lead by Will Lacasse who in my opinion is a pre-season All-American watch.

I have to admit, every year I get excited about this offense. Listen, we were lead in scoring by a freshman last year. Rey put up strong numbers, and should return as a scorer again in 2011-12. I think you will see big year's out of Zalba and the Gervais boys. I must admit, I do not know much about the incoming freshman forwards, but Daweser is known for his freshman forwards contributing early. Jon Gibson out of the OJHL, Chris Bournazos out of the NAHL, and Nick DeSousa out of the BCHL. I don't want to be the internet recruiter here, but these guys looked like they had solid junior careers.

I will be back in October with my pre-season picks for the year. I just hope as an alum, I am able to skate with the boys at the bank. (oh that's right, its not official yet) :cool:

09-23-2011, 10:03 AM
Bournazos is a nice pick up. Kid has some "jump" in his game. A little on the small side but should be a very good DIII fit. I know he had several DI schools interested at one point in time but could never seem to break the "barrier" as so many kids don't for whatever reason. I don't think his size helped him in the DI recruiting wars. But the kid can play.