View Full Version : "What To Do while you are Waiting" -FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS EPISODE TITLE & APPLIES TO BU

03-07-2011, 12:33 AM
Wow, as a BU fan who also cheers for HE OOC because it helps us as much as for the ability to claim league supremacy, BU could not have chosen a worse time than Saturday night to mail in a lackluster perf, blowing a lead that left them in a two goat deficit with 7 to play, That said, a Furious rally and some extremely unclucky bounces left BU coming up a goal short in night two of the back to back. Wiith RPI and Colorado College both LOSING Sunday, BU - depending upon Western Michigan particularly - might be able to secure the last at large bid (right now they are one spot out - by winning in straight nites Friday and Saturday AT home in the qaurters. Warsofsky will be back and hopefully they will be able to get thru the 1st period W/O a D-man tossed, so right now I would say BU is probably 50/50 on getting that last at large bid. It has to happen in 2 games, canít afford another home loss to NU. That said, taking nothing for granted, it is indeed looking more and more like BC, UNH, and Merrimack are in and DESPITE an extremely poor Conference Aggregate record, likely The Terriers have a slight edge for grabbing that last spot from fellow HEer Maine. BU has that tie breaker, but its razor thin. I cab tell you right now DESPITE the problems old provider B2 had with its streaming, I will absolutely be buying the package that allows me to watch mulitple games at once for the tourney as ANY upsets of the top three hurt BU and a loss for Maine would help us immensely. We need to take care of business and go into the tourney with a BU WIN OR GO HOME mentality, but due to a crazy Sunday it might just be get thru the first rd easily and scoreboard watch.
Assuming rd 2 stays Chalk, this is a good thing for Terrier Nation b/c as much as I wanna break this losing streak to BC, I would rather advance to the final first and WE MATCH UP & PLAY BETTER AGAINST equally talented UNH. Hopefully, this season can be payback for Curry's Senior Season, where BU won ALL SIX match-ups v BC until the NCAA regional final where after having toyed with Miami of Ohio, BU plays BC in the tourney (& I am a BC admirer / fan of several including some alumnus such as Blake Bellefeuille Ė tied with J-Lo & Drury as my 3 fave players in NCAA history) - ideally for BU in the HE final first but it might wind up a must win, so I think I would rather get at LEAST one win v the Soaring Eagles & I would rather see it in a NCAA dominated by maybe 4 Hockey East teams.
Go Wisconsin (within reason), go western Michigan, and ESPECIALLY go Terriers in a tourney I would prefer to stay chalk thru the quarters. Come quarters, BU needs all "Occasional fans" to turn out en masse at the TD Garden, but lets first take care of business at hand ... which means taking NE in two. We also would be helped by an elimination of Western Michigan and Notre Dame winning (our record v Irish is 1-0-1) with Maine series which helps us and hurts us no matter which way it goes - Ideally it goes three games - and we want Wisconsin to win a match or two before getting knocked out of their Conference tourney.
Too soon to tell whether NOT having a consolation game is gonna hurt HE aggregate on the whole this season, but other conferences have definitely trended towards Consolation games and I have to wonder IS HOCKEY EAST studying risk/reward of a consolation game and if there is statistical significance to a team getting in rather than being a team short, it is definitely something HE needs to consider again.
That said, let's just win the HE tourney and not have to worry bout how other teas perform. Keep destiny in our own hands. Go Terriers.