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01-21-2011, 09:35 PM
No thread on this, and there haven't been many. But actions at the game kind of prompt me to write this.

The game was good, sure, fast pace, and a Michigan win.

But just after Michigan scored their first goal late in the second period, a small melee broke out during the celebration. Almost looked as if this game could get ugly...

this isn't about that.

No, it's about what happened during the scrum, and clean up.

Some student had an orange ball, and thought it was brilliant to throw the ball onto the ice. I'm far from a big fan of this kind of crap. But ignore that for now....

What happened next totally took the "fight" out of the crowd.

Whoever said that the guys on the ice ignore the fans were proven somewhat wrong tonight, as the goaltender for Alaska, Scott Greenham, thought it would be fun to shoot the ball back at the students. The students really got into his effort! And he REALLY played it up so well- playing guilt when he could not get the ball back into the stands. Took him a while, but the students quickly threw it back on. Scott, once again, played it up, and hammed up the crowd. He then tried, and failed a few times, to get the ball to the opposite stands... It was hilarious.

Of course, by this time, the entire crowd totally forgot about the scrum.... (well, until we got two penalties, but who cares at this point!).

With Greenham's problems, Michigan forward Matt Rust slowly skated up, and Scott passed the puch to him to shoot the ball into the "parent" side- Matt played it up just like Scott was.. We were totally busting up with laughter.

By far, it was one of the best things that has happened from an opposing player. The goals were nice, as were some of the hits, but all of them, IMHO, were outshadowed by this little events.

Here's to you, Scott Greenham! Toast to you.

(oh, Michigan on 2-0, Hunwick got another shut out...)

01-21-2011, 10:39 PM
That was a hilarious scene. You are right, by that time, nobody cared less about what happened in front of the Alaska Bench. It was funny, especially when the ball was fired back at him. The fact he passed to Rust, who took one shot and fired it into the crowd, then sorta celebrated on his way back to the bench, can't get much better than that. The win was nice, our Sparty favorite Hunwick was solid again, and Merrill continues to impress. All in all, for a 2-0 game, pretty good hockey. And, we got past the Friday bugaboo. Let's hope Saturday continues to treat them well.