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01-23-2011, 12:19 AM
Cry baby on BU? No the ultimate cry baby was the dwarf goon, Gionta, particularly in his senior year as captain. When he wasn’t getting away with his stick work it seemed that every time he got hit or knocked down he would cry to the ref and get the call.

and he still had time to score 33 goals...amazing how that works. as for cry babies, where's pete macarthur these days? btw, bu has had their share of midget/dwarf/hacks themselves (sabo, baker, zancanaro). what's really upsetting though is how BU has transformed into a pretty good team of divers...

i thought joe p said BU would be ready for BC this time around??? maybe he meant the beanpot...

as for the actual game, seemed to me BC's 4th line didn't play a whole lot. it was like york was treating it like a playoff game.

thought BU came out pretty physical, but BC answered that with a few goals

tom caron had no idea about the new icing rule

anybody know why escobedo put his arms in the air after the first BC goal?

ok, i've heard BU's own radio guy pronounce it "chaysaun". is it that or is it actually chiasaun?

BC's been able to rattle Millan lately, but he did rebound after the first period

actually thought the officiating was ok for HE standards. calls i didn't like were the boarding on cross, interference on mad max nicastro and hooking on samuelsson (complete dive by nieto)

i still heard some BC Sucks going on from the crowd when BU was down 3-0...come on!

j. hayes and kreider were out to lunch on the noonan goal

does warsofsky have to score every game against BC? i would like to know which HE player has scored the most on muse

01-23-2011, 09:19 AM
Congrats on the sweep, BC. As a BU fan, I was pretty pleased with the result, given how terrible we looked the first two meetings. Obviously I would have liked to win, but BC is clearly on another level, and BU is still finding their way.

01-23-2011, 02:29 PM
i thought joe p said BU would be ready for BC this time around??? maybe he meant the beanpot...

clearly that was what he meant