View Full Version : MASCAC 2010-11 Can we jump in the pool this year?

11-03-2010, 02:30 PM
The second "probationary" year for the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference is upon us. Yes, it is now the "Collegiate" Athletic Conference to reflect the change to University status for the schools on October 25.

This year, the coaches have bestowed the kiss of death upon the Salem State University Vikings who received all but 1 first place vote.

The coaches' picks are (1st place votes in parenthesis):

1. Salem State (6) 48 points
2. Fitchburg State (1) 42 points
3. Plymouth State 32 points
4. Westfield State 28 points
5. UMass Dartmouth 24 points
6. Worcester State 14 points
7. Framingham State 8 points

If the MASCAC is going to get a Pool B bid, they need the ECAC-W to absolutely poo the bed in out of conference play while doing >.500 as a conference and the Pool B candidate (does not have to be the tournament champion, right Manhattanville???) needs to have only one OOC loss preferably to a ranked team.

I'm a bit pressed for time this PM, but I will take a look @ the OOC schedule for each team and see what has to be done to give the West a run for their money.

I will mention that Salem State plays its only ECAC-NE opponent (Wentworth) this Friday @ Salem. Key OOC game right off the bat, as a loss will, for all practical purposes, kill SSU's Pool B chances.