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10-27-2010, 10:16 AM
here is the issue with the review system (the miami dolphins football game this week had a very similar situation)

Once the play is under review the question is whether or not the goal should be allowed. It was deemed that their was goaltender interference and therefore no goal. (there was no penalty called on the original play, but that no longer matters as the goal can still be disallowed)

The officials have no authority to go back and call a penalty on a play that had already been blown dead. The review is strictly to call the goal good or no good, not to call a penalty that should have been assessed.

I also feel that when I watch the clip that there shouldn't have been a penalty call anyway. Was Joe interferred with and therefore couldn't make the follow up save, yes, but i do believe it was incidental contact and JC was pretty far out of the net.

Either way, the calls that were made, IMO, are all correct. It's a bit confusing though on what the officials can and can't do in that scenario. The real question is who requested the review. Grumblings are saying that MC players were protesting for the review which isn't supposed to happen. And as I remember JC didn't seem to protest too much after the goal was scored, so i think that's another interesting point.

10-27-2010, 10:35 AM
After watching the replay a few times Joe was definitely inside the crease...the Vermont player was definitely not pushed...there was contact that spun Joe around preventing him from sliding across the crease...goalie interference...correct call was made

10-27-2010, 11:27 AM
The thing with a review is that to overturn a call it must be blatantly clear. I don't think this classifies. I am not sure it's goaltender interference. Possibly, but not clear enough to overturn a goal. It's definitely a man in the crease... The goal at DU is obvious in that the refs blew it. The officiating has been terrible this year so far at the Gutt.

Either way, its over and done with and theres no going back. Let's not turn turn this into a UML/BU flamefest.

The game was close, both goalies were solid. To be Continued.