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06-08-2010, 01:20 PM
I thought this might be a fun topic.

I saw a D-I guy tried it and no one responded but lets see what kind of discussion we can generate here.

Pick a team, your team whatever and come up with a list of a 1st and 2nd team all-decade team for your school.

Here's my opinion on Elmira:

1st Team-
F. Laura Hurd '05 (120 goals, 117 assists, 237 points)
F. Jackie O'Neil '06 (51 goals, 91 assists, 142 points)
F. Kayla Coady '09 (82 goals, 100 assists, 182 points)
D. LeAnne Denman '05 (28 goals, 49 assists, 77 points)
D. Jamie Kivi '10 (25 goals, 69 assists, 94 points)
G. Allison Cubberley '09 (54 wins, .934 Career Save %, 22 shutouts, 1.54 Career GGA)

2nd Team-
F. Jenna McCall '10 (54 goals, 84 assists, 138 points)
F. Charissa Gawant '05 (53 goals, 86 assists, 139 points)
F. Lindsay Palmer '05 (55 goals, 80 assists, 135 points)
D. Tiffany Hart '10 (16 goals, 58 assists, 74 points)
D. Ana Steele-Norton '10 (5 goals, 27 assists, 32 points, smoothest skating d-man I've seen at EC)
G. Edith Racine '05 (53 wins, .933, 1.59 Career GGA, 20 shutouts)

Hardest decision was goaltender for me. I went back and forth on Edith and Allison. Both were outstanding goaltenders. Even though Edith won two national championships, Allison edged her by a nose in basically every stat in a much tougher D-III than it was when Edith played.

Granted, Edith split time more than Allison did as Kristen Lillie won 30 games in her three years taking some wins away from Edith.

Those are my thoughts.

Lets see what other teams we can get on here. Plattsburgh, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Amherst, Manhattanville, RIT, Gustavus Adolphus. Stevens Point, Superior, and River Falls shouldnt be too hard to come up with since I know they all have fans on this board and have been around long enough to compile a list.

Tweedle Dee
06-08-2010, 02:07 PM
When I get home from work I'll work on one.

06-08-2010, 07:49 PM
My picks for Plattsburgh State:

First Team:

Liz Gibson - Forward (108GP 120-106-226)
Danielle Blanchard - Forward (115GP 87-90-177)
Jenn Clarke - Forward (108GP 76-76-152)
Erin O'Brien - Defense (107GP 26-59-85)
Julie Devereux - Defense (116GP 10-67-77)
Bree Doyle - Goaltender (58GP .936 - 1.26 Record:50-4-3 )

Second Team:

Lynn Taylor - Forward (109GP 58-81-139)
Stephanie Moberg - Forward (108GP 59 -74-133)
Jessica Moreau -Forward (107GP 58-51-109)
Katie D'Arcy - Defense (107GP 10-57-67)
Sharis Smith - Defense (112GP 3-33-36)
Carolyne Roy - Goalie (91GP .921 - 1.49 Record:62-21-5 )

06-08-2010, 08:15 PM
Imagine a team made up of both PSU and Elmira's 1st and 2nd teams. How would that team fair against D1 teams?

Of the four goalies listed below, who would be your #1 and #2?

06-09-2010, 02:19 AM
I suppose I'll give it a go for Gustavus. I only included players who have finished their careers (including 2010 grads) just FYI. It wasn't too hard, except for goalies. GAC has a history of mediocre goaltending, and short careers. In fact, 2 of the best, Scavo and Setterstrom, both dropped out without graduating. As far as I know, the only four year goalies GAC has ever had were Molly O'Donnell and Kitty Hurley, and no one has ever played over 50 games yet.

First Team:
F Sarah Garrison/Moe '02 (78GP 80-64--144)
F Kelly Crandall '07 (87GP 53-80--133)
F Laura Stypulkowski '05 (114GP 53-82--135)
D Andrea Peterson '07 (115GP 78-107--185)
D Abby Randall '06 (114GP 21-52--73)
G Molly O'Donnell '03 (rec: 35-10-2, 1.69GAA, .917Save%, 10SOs)

Second Team:
F Molly Doyle '08 (103GP 68-63--131)
F Melissa Mackley '10 (114GP 33-69--102)
F Katie Deschneau '04 (115 GP 52-59--111)
D Margaret Dorer '08 (103GP 26-66--92)
D Ellen Doyle '04 (105GP 12-46--58)
G Kristin Setterstrom -- (rec: 12-3-0, 1.38GAA .921Save%, 5SOs)

Honorable mentions: Nicole Guimond '03 (115GP 49-41--90), Mari Gunderson '09 (106GP 50-35--85), Ingrid Neve -- (79GP, 46-41--87)

06-09-2010, 05:43 AM
[QUOTE=Bill-R-;4793375]Imagine a team made up of both PSU and Elmira's 1st and 2nd teams. How would that team fair against D1 teams?

Do you mean against a D-1 team or a d-1 all decade team. Hard to imagine as good as those players are, if they went against an all decade team of Division 1 players such as a Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mercyhurst, UNH, BC, Harvard, BU,Dartmouth etc. that they could compete at that level.

06-09-2010, 07:43 AM
how about Cindy Lebel "08; 88 GP,38G 52A
and who is Andrea Peterson?185 pts WOW!

06-09-2010, 08:50 AM
Andrea Peterson was a 3 time All-American and 4 time MIAC player of the year who is now the full time assistant coach of the Golden Gusties.

06-09-2010, 11:05 AM
Andrea Peterson was a 3 time All-American and 4 time MIAC player of the year who is now the full time assistant coach of the Golden Gusties.

Not sure if AP is going back to GAC - they are looking for a new asst coach. Heck of a player back in the day though.

06-10-2010, 01:17 AM
Imagine a team made up of both PSU and Elmira's 1st and 2nd teams. How would that team fair against D1 teams?

Of the four goalies listed below, who would be your #1 and #2?

Dang that's tough!

But I'd go with Cubberley and Doyle...It'd be impossible to pick a #1 from those two. They were both so good.

But yeah...Hurd, Gibson, Coady, and Blanchard?:eek:

Watch the hell out! I'd take those four against anyone. (excluding Olympians)

06-21-2010, 04:11 PM
Andrea Peterson was a 3 time All-American and 4 time MIAC player of the year who is now the full time assistant coach of the Golden Gusties.

4 time all American actually. Man, what a great player...and has been doing well on the bench these last few years, too.

06-22-2010, 04:51 PM
boy this could be tough....making me run my memory back that far.

As far as Superior goes....can I use Salatino???

1st Team
F Erin Kegley '07 (100GP-90G-71A-161PTS)
F Melanie Salatino '02 (26GP-36G-25A-61PTS)
F Amy Kachinske '05 (104GP-46G-50A-96PTS)
D Lindsey Bennett '07 (107GP-32G-52A-84PTS)
D Caitlin Jarrett '07 (107GP-8G-17A-25PTS)
G Melissa Kunzlemann '10 (rec: 42-18-4, .944 save %, 1.31GAA)

2nd Team
F Jodie Faye '03 (70GP-36G-33A-69PTS)
F Stacy Anderson '08 (63GP-21G-52A-73PTS)
F Jamie McClintock '09 (85GP-43G-37A-80PTS)
D Tara Evoy '06 (107GP-7G-26A-33PTS)
D Brittany Dunkel '10 (110GP-5G-29A-34PTS)
G Rikki Nespor '09 (rec: 39-12-6, .933 Save %, 1.54 GAA)

I considered maybe Kelly Timm as the 2nd team goalie, but she only played til her Junior year, and I'm guessing the competition around that time wasn't as great as it was in Nespor/Kunzlemanns time. Would love to have seen what would have happend if Salatino would have stuck around for 4 years, she was on pace to outscore Laura Hurd :). If I had to take her out, I'd probably put Jodi Holland or Gina Baranzelli in. Gina didn't really come out of her shell until her senior year, once she was out of Kegleys shadow.

06-22-2010, 09:15 PM
Thought I'd do a Neumann one. And yeah, going to be a bit biased! As other posters have done, I've only included those who have completed their collegiate careers (apologies to Schroeder '11 and Blazenko '11) as well as graduated/completed their careers (apologies to Brunet '11)

First Team:
F. Missy Pacitti '05 (76 GP, 46G + 38A = 84 pts, 12 PPG, 7 SHG) Great awareness on the ice and worked hard every shift
F. Lindsay Parsons '06 (82 GP, 48G + 63A = 111 pts, 10 PPG, 2 SHG) First Neumann lady to reach 100 career points (and I think still holds the NCAA record for PIMs :o), she was a very strong player
F. Samantha May '08 (91 GP, 39G + 22A = 61 pts, 7 PPG, 8 SHG) Tremendous player and team motivator, she never gave up on the puck
D. Robyn Armstrong '09 (91 GP, 18G + 30A = 48 pts, 8 PPG, 1 SHG) Huge presence on the ice and had a tremendous season points-wise in 2007
D. Brie Ward '05 (80 GP, 12G + 30A = 42 pts, 6 PPG) IMO best player to play for the Neumann women ;) Had an eye for the game and saw the ice fully
G. Lauren Voran '06 (3511 minutes played, 195 GA / 1822 saves = 90.3 save%, 3.33 GAA, 24-29-7) Most energetic goaltender I've seen, "tenacious" is a great word for her

Second Team:
F. Jill Gray '05 (68 GP, 28G + 36A = 64 pts, 5 PPG, 2 SHG) Excellent play-maker, and best hands I've seen in women's hockey
F. Tabatha Schurry '09 (88 GP, 9G + 13A = 22 pts, 1 SHG) While she didn't put up the points of her teammates, she was the fastest skater on the ice hands-down and never gave up on the puck; she was involved/the source of a lot more scoring chances than she received credit for
F. Carly Fitzsimmons '09 (98 GP, 31G + 42A = 73 pts, 11 PPG, 2 SHG) Another excellent play-maker, Carly was IMO overshadowed by Jenelle Marier '09 her entire career; while Marier did put the puck in the net (and frequently), Fitzsimmons appeared to do the "legwork"
D. Kim Porcelli '06 (70 GP, 3G + 11A = 14 pts, 2 PPG) A pleasure to watch, she was a stay-at-home defenseman in an era when everyone was rushing the puck. Paired with Ward, they created a defensive duo that kept Neumann in a lot of their earlier games.
D. Kait Hein '08 (70 GP, 3G + 8A = 11 pts, 1 PPG) Solid defenseman, I'd be willing to bet her +/- would be a lot higher than most who have passed through Aston.
G. Melissa Sanfilippo '06 (1070 minutes played, 118 GA / 1050 saves = 88.8 save%, 6.62 GAA, 5-15-0) Solid goaltender though didn't see much gametime, played back when Neumann was facing 90 shots per game

Teresa White '08 was my other thought for goalie second-team, but I felt Sanfilippo got stronger over the years as White stayed level.