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04-21-2010, 06:48 PM
If you haven't already, read this and see if you can make sense of different information that I have received.


After talking to our (Michigan Tech) head coach, he says that the clustermates actually only change every two years. Making this a 10 year rotation, rather than 5 years. It appears the article is just wrong, has anyone else heard this every 2 years rule before?

04-21-2010, 08:54 PM
From a no-longer-online story in the Bemidji Pioneer, from when the schedules were first put together last fall:

In developing the WCHA’s five year schedule, Serratore said the cleanest option was chosen. “Basically the traditional travel partners will remain the same, with the addition of BSU being paired with UNO,” he said.

In 2010-11, BSU and UNO will be joined by UND and SCSU to form a four-team cluster. The Beavers will play each team in the cluster four times (home and home series) for a total of 12 games. BSU will then play the remaining eight teams in the league two game each, for a total of 16 games, with eight on the road and eight at home.

The cluster mates will rotate in each of the five seasons. In 2011-12 BSU/UNO will be joined by Colorado College and Denver, in 2012-13 Michigan Tech and UMD, 2013-14 Alaska-Anchorage and Mankato, and 2014-15 Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Under this schedule every team in the league will play every other team at home three out of five years – except for the travel partners who will play each other every year, Serratore explained. “Over the course of the five year schedule, everybody plays each other the same amount of times – home and away,” he said.

For North Dakota in 2010-11, the Sioux will play SCSU, BSU and UNO home and away. In addition, North Dakota will host Alaska-Anchorage, Denver, Minnesota and UMD. On the road for league games UND will travel to Colorado College, Michigan Tech, Mankato and Wisconsin.

In 2011-12, Minnesota and Wisconsin will join UND/SCSU as cluster mates. In league games UND will host SCSU, CC, Tech, Mankato, Minnesota, UNO and Wisconsin. Road games include SCSU, UAA, BSU, Denver, Minnesota, UMD and Wisconsin.