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03-28-2010, 03:35 AM
Final: http://www.pictureprints.net/albums.php?gallery=3274
Wisconsin Semi: http://www.pictureprints.net/albums.php?gallery=3273
SCSU Semi: http://www.pictureprints.net/albums.php?gallery=3271

WCHA photos:
Final: http://www.pictureprints.net/albums.php?gallery=3270
Semis: http://www.pictureprints.net/albums.php?gallery=3268
Play-in: http://www.pictureprints.net/albums.php?gallery=3267

You can "order" downloads from the site; it might take a few days to get the files yet but they come without the watermarks. No charge on the images -- the NCAA wouldn't let us sell you them anyway... not without taking 50% of what you pay away from us.

The photographers at d3photography.com aren't paid to be there, either.

I hope you enjoy these photos.