View Full Version : Thanks USCHO!

03-21-2010, 08:07 PM
I was really pleased with the FF coverage this year. Despite the bobbles in getting the results of the FF on line last year, the coverage this year was wonderful! Posted in a timely manner. Great stories, great background stuff.

It has been a truly great season of hockey. I would always like more D3 coverage, but with the forum, it seems like we do manage to get a lot of info about the sport we all love so much.

I hope the off-season goes well for all and we come back for more fun in the fall.

My computer rankings will return as soon all 71 teams have played 4 games, and I'll be looking over the summer to tweak things to make them more valid. I'm pleased with how they have evolved, and after looking at this years ratings compared with individual game results, I'll see what needs to be changed. Among my obvious failures - NU wasn't ranked #1 at the end, OSW didn't win the title the way my rankings said they would (darn, :cool: ), and clearly I had Bowdoin way overrated.

Thanks to everybody who contributes here, and have a great summer. (Now that I say that, I'm pretty sure I won't disappear over the summer, but we all know things slow down)