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Old Pio
03-14-2010, 05:49 PM
Thanks for the kind words Old Pio, and I do apologize for early (sort of). I certainly felt like MTU was turning the corner with the playoff win against CC a few years back but since then the curve has gone the wrong way...hopefully the positives seen in 2010 will continue into next season and this team can catch some breaks, stay healthy for once and compete for home ice sooner, rather than later.

As much as I have appreciated Russell and his efforts over his 7 years, his leash must be pretty short after the last 2 years. I don't see him being fired this offseason but If next year starts very poorly or goes as bad as this year, he is more than likely done with 2 years left on his current deal.

Thanks, but no need to apologize (even half way :) ) I occasionally get pretty obnoxious. Tech has a tough row to hoe, but I think home ice is not an unrealistic goal. The toughest call for an AD to make in any sport is when to pull the plug on an under performing coach. What frequently happens is a series of "resets" where there's no real improvement. And once in a while a coach will be fired and a school institutes changes (academic and otherwise) designed to help the new guy--which is hugely unfair to the old guy.

Look what happened at Texas Tech. The most successful coach in the history of the school by a mile and he's out because a whiney prima donna with a well connected daddy b****ed. That doesn't have anything to do with Michigan Tech, of course, it just reflects the craziness that's out there. I'm almost always the guy arguing to give a coach enough time to get the job done and to make whatever institutional changes being contemplated before the guy is fired. Give him a chance.

I think Gwoz was sincere in his comments but was also lobbying for a coaching compatriot who's in a tough situation, no matter what.