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03-05-2010, 03:15 PM
ECAC Women's West Player of the Year
Stephanie Moberg, Plattsburgh State

ECAC Women's West Goalie of the Year
Mandy Mackrell, Plattsburgh State

ECAC Women's West Rookie of the Year
Kim Schlattman, Rochester Institute of Technology

ECAC Women's West Coach of the Year
Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State

First Team All-ECAC West
Forward - Katie Stack, RIT, Junior
Forward - Stephanie Moberg, Plattsburgh, Senior
Forward - Sarah Dagg, RIT, Junior
Defense - Jamie Kivi, Elmira, Senior
Defense - Kara Buehler, Plattsburgh, Junior
Goalie - Mandy Mackrell, Plattsburgh, Junior

Second Team All-ECAC West
Forward - Lynny Gonzales, Utica, Junior
Forward - Jessica Schroeder, Neumann, Junior
Forward - Meg DiJulio, Plattsburgh, Junior
Defense - Breanna Roy, Potsdam, Sophomore
Defense - Erika Schaubel, Plattsburgh, Sophomore
Goalie - Jill Doherty, Utica, Senior

Honorable Mention
Forward - Lauren Campbell, Chatham, Sophomore
Forward - Laurie Bowler, Plattsburgh, Senior
Forward - Jenna McCall, Elmira, Senior
Defense - Traci Galbraith, RIT, Junior
Defense - Kayla Dubowski, Neumann, Sophomore
Goalie - Alyssa Koniar, Buffalo, Junior

All-Rookie West
Forward - Kim Schlattman, RIT
Forward - Teal Gove, Plattsburgh
Forward - Jill DeBus, Elmira
Defense - Ariane Yokoyama, RIT
Defense - Madison Johnston, Elmira
Goalie - Lauren Sullivan, Elmira

03-05-2010, 03:28 PM
I can't pretend to know enough about the other teams to know who should get what, but I think the Plattsburgh players honored were good choices. The only person I might have added for Plattsburgh would be Kristen Bond (D) who I thought was a real steady force on the blue line all year. Great note for Plattsburgh, only one of the players honored is a senior...

Congratulations to all of the women honored!

03-05-2010, 03:36 PM
Miss the first thread kimmer?;)


03-05-2010, 09:50 PM
Great note for Plattsburgh, only one of the players honored is a senior...

Both stephanie moberg (senior) and laurie bowler (senior) were honored