View Full Version : SUNYAC Semifinal: Plattsburgh vs Brockport

02-27-2010, 11:00 PM
Plattsburgh made quick work of Brockport tonight, no doubt about that. But the real story on ice was the skill Leis showed in net. Plattsburgh appeared to have a second period that was slightly off kilter, but he was there to keep the Golden Eagles at bay. I loved how the Cards simply turned it on in the third; way cool.

In other SUNYAC action, I have to know...how did Morrisville manage to just collapse when it counted? I thought for sure they were on the path to an upset over top rated Oswego - only to hear two quick scoring updates that simply blew my mind. I would have LOVED to see them return to Plattsburgh...really...But, I guess our Cards will be traveling to Oswego. Should be a great game; I'm almost wondering if I can squeeze out enough time to travel and get tix? Maybe a press pass?