View Full Version : RIT at Minnesota State 1/1-2

12-28-2009, 11:47 AM
Thought I'd get this thread because it'll be my first Mavs home series this year! Every year I am in town for the holidays to catch the Mavs, but they were on the road last year. This year, the OLE's will hopefully be in full force.

RIT comes to town and no slouches in Atlantic Hockey (basically tied for 1st) but don't have a strong PWR ranking. Any RIT fans out there/making the trip to the Cell?

12-29-2009, 12:42 AM
This year, the OLE's will hopefully be in full force.The student section will still be mostly empty.

Tom Naeger
12-29-2009, 11:33 AM
I was thinking about making the trip then my girl friend got Syracuse/Pittsburgh basketball tickets for that weekend….So forgive me father…

I would expect a very good weekend. RIT played down to the wire exciting hockey games against all their out of conference opponents this year. I thought they were the better team against Colgate and completely outplayed Saint Lawrence, but did not finish their chances and it cost them in both games. Key is that RIT made little mistakes in all their none conference games and their opponents captitalized on them.

RIT has better finishers on the Blue Line as oppose to up front, so expect the Defense to jump into the rush and pinch a lot. Players to watch for RIT are:

Cameron Burt - Great skater very creative and can blow the puck by any goaltender from the blue line...

Tyler Brenner - Next to impossible to take off the puck, great hands. If he gets a clean look from the circles he usally finishes...

Dan Ringwald - All Around RIT's best player. Solid Defenseman who knows how to jump into the play and create offense.

Al Mazur - The Mazur Laser, if you block his shot, its going to hurt...

Jarded DeMichiel - Having a Career year, legitimate Candiate for Goalie and Player of the year in the Atlantic...

Should be be a fast pace up and down game, enjoy!