View Full Version : Maine and Miami CBS COLLEGE SPORTS XXL

Michael Motta
10-02-2009, 08:39 AM
I'm thinking about upgrading my webcast subscription from Michigan State All Access to the whole CBS COLLEGE SPORTS XXL package so that I can see some road games online. Tonight the MSU women's soccer team is on CBS COLLEGE SPORTS XXL, @ Indiana, but I may only be able to see half of it due to its overlapping time with the webcast of the home volleyball match versus Illinois.

So in looking ahead, MSU is @ both Maine and Miami in hockey later this month, and apparently those schools both use CBS COLLEGE SPORTS XXL for webcasts of some sports. However, as is typical of CBS COLLEGE SPORTS XXL, no "Watch" links are posted yet for men's hockey for either school. I know that in the past, Miami home games have been streamed live. Does anyone know if they will be again? As for Maine, I found links for women's ice hockey video on live stream, but not yet for men's. Do Black Bear fans anticipate CBS COLLEGE SPORTS XXL to carry Maine men's hockey on live video stream?