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09-02-2009, 10:01 PM
Some interesting hockey in Burlington Vermont. OPJHL teams against EJHL teams. For the most part the EJ teams are made and the OP teams use it to evaluate. A good tourney and Showcase

10-Sep Cairns Arena I 10-Sep Cairns Arena II 10-Sep Gutterson
Rink I Home Away Rink II Home Away Gutt Home Away
6:00 NE Huskies EJ Atlanta Knights Jr. A 5:00 NE Huskies Jr. B Glades Jr. B 5:45 CD Selects Jr. B Atlanta Knights Jr. B
7:45 Glades EJ Wellington Dukes 6:45 Valley Jr. Warriors Georgetown Raiders 7:45 CD Selects EJ Woodstock Slammers
8:30 Philidelphia Revolution Peterborough Stars

11-Sep Cairns Arena I 11-Sep Cairns Arena II 11-Sep Gutterson 11-Sep Waterbury Ice Center
Rink I Home Away Rink II Home Away Gutt Home Away Wat Home Away
10:00 NE Huskies EJ Wellington Dukes 10:15 NE Huskies Empire OHA U18AAA 12:00 CD Selects Jr. A Atlanta Knights Jr. A 7:50PM Seacoast Kings Essex Midget U18
11:45 Glades EJ Peterborough Stars 12:00 Glades Empire Atlanta Knights Jr. B 1:45 Valley Jr. Warriors Woodstock Slammers
1:30 SSK Empire Elmira Empire 1:45 Glades SS OHA U16AAA 3:30 Bay State Breakers St. Lawrence Lions
3:15 Monarchs Empire NY Coyotes 3:30 CD Selects Empire OHA U18AAA 5:15 Jr. Bruins Empire Team Ulysse
5:00 Syracuse EJ Georgetown Raiders 5:15 Jr. Bruins EJ Oakville Blades 7:00 NJ Hitmen EJ Milton Icehawks
6:45 Monarchs EJ Auroa Tigers 7:00 OHA U16AAA Plattsburgh Cardinals 8:45 NJ Hitmen Empire Little Bruins
8:30 Apple Core Philidelphia Revolution 8:45 Syracuse Empire Mass Maple Leafs

12-Sep Cairns Arena I 12-Sep Cairns Arena II 12-Sep Gutterson 12-Sep Waterbury Ice Center
Rink I Home Away Rink II Home Away Gutt Home Away Leddy Home Away
8:00 Team Ulysse NE Huskies Empire 8:15 Syracuse EJ St. Lawrence Lions 11:15 NE Huskies EJ Philidelphia Revolution 2:00 Seacoast 93 OHA U18AAA
9:45 Plattsburgh Cardinals OHA U18AA 10:00 Syracuse Empire Monarchs Empire 1:00 Valley Jr. Warriors Auroa Tigers 3:45 Seacoast 94 OHA U16AAA
11:30 Glades Empire OHA U19 11:45 CD Selects EJ Wellington Dukes 2:45 Bay State Breakers Atlanta Knights Jr. A 5:30 OHA U19 Mass Maple Leafs
1:15 Glades EJ Oakville Blades 1:30 Syracuse EJ Milton Icehawks 4:30 NY Coyotes SSK Empire
3:00 Monarchs EJ Georgetown Raiders 3:15 Syracuse Empire Jr. Bruins Empire 6:15 NJ Hitmen EJ Woodstock Slammers
4:45 Jr. Bruins EJ Peterborough Stars 5:00 Apple Core St. Lawrence Lions 8:00 NJ Hitmen Empire Atlanta Knights Jr. B
6:30 Little Bruins Seacoast Kings 6:45 CD Selects Empire Elmira Empire
8:15 Seacoast 93 Glades SS 8:30 OHA U18AA Seacoast 94

13-Sep Cairns Arena I 13-Sep Cairns Arena II 13-Sep Gutterson 13-Sep Waterbury Ice Center
Rink I Home Away Rink II Home Away Gutt Home Away 8:20 Atlanta Knights Jr. B Seacoast Kings
7:00 Bay State Breakers Wellington Dukes 7:10 SSK Empire Little Bruins 7:00 NE Huskies Jr. B Mass Maple Leafs 9:55 Atlanta Knights Jr. A Phildelpha Revolution
8:45 Jr. Bruins EJ Auroa Tigers 8:55 Jr. Bruins Empire NY Coyotes 8:45 NE Huskies EJ Milton Icehawks
10:30 NJ Hitmen EJ Georgetown Raiders 10:40 NJ Hitmen Empire Team Ulysse 10:30 CD Selects EJ Peterborough Stars
12:15 Monarchs Oakville Blades 12:25 Woodstock Slammers Apple Core 12:15 Plattsburgh Cardinals Seacoast 93
2:00 Glades EJ St. Lawrence Lions 2:10 Monarchs Empire Elmira Empire 2:00 Essex Midget U18 Seacoast 94
3:45 OHA U19 CD Selects Empire 3:55 OHA U18AA Glades SS

09-03-2009, 02:42 AM
It is also the same weekend as the Beantown Classic, down in Bridgewater.

09-08-2009, 03:24 PM
it will be interesting to see some of uvm's future recruits play in this terrific tournament.

09-08-2009, 05:37 PM
interesting that it's at Cairns and not at Gutterson -- Anybody know why?


09-08-2009, 08:01 PM
Watch those Wellington Dukes for future reference.

09-09-2009, 06:51 AM
interesting that it's at Cairns and not at Gutterson -- Anybody know why?


Most (if not all??) college/university ADs avoid hosting showcase events as they see a potential NCAA conflict with hosting and recruiting at the same time. When we initially tried to set up a Vermont vs. New Hamspshire HS boys hockey game as a benefit for Make-A-Wish a number of years ago UVM would not permit Gutterson as a host site for this "potential conflict." The intial game was held in Hanover. Since then, and because it is well established as a charity event, the Make-A-Wish game is now sanctioned and played at Gutterson every summer.

A "showcase", which is a recruiting tool, would be cause for an NCAA conflict as UVM would be host and recruiter at the same time conveying an unfair (if only percieved) advantage to that institution.

09-09-2009, 08:18 AM
interesting that it's at Cairns and not at Gutterson -- Anybody know why?


Looks to me like they are using Cairns I and II, Gutterson, and Waterbury.
;) A ton of hockey for those who have the time.