View Full Version : RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (11/9/18 & 11/10/18)

Ralph Baer
11-03-2018, 09:44 PM
discuss ;)

11-05-2018, 03:47 PM
Three of the four teams are ranked in the USCHO Top 20 (Union # 12, Quinnipiac # 13, and Princeton # 19). Of course, the only one of the four that isn't ranked is the one that's leading the league. ;)

Princeton rang up 11 goals in beating Dartmouth and tying Harvard last weekend, though they totaled only 50 SOG in the two games. They were led in scoring by Ryan Kuffner (4G, 2A) and Max Veronneau (1G, 5A), who are both in their fourth and, thankfully, final year of bedeviling ECAC opponents. When those guys get a good scoring opportunity, they are very good at making it count. The Tigers will be playing their home opener when Union comes to town on Friday night.

Quinnipiac, after coming into the weekend 5-0, split with Harvard and Dartmouth, scoring a total of 6 goals. Leading scorers were Brogan Rafferty with 4 assists, Chase Priskie with 2 goals and an assist, and Odeen Tufto with a goal and two assists.

The Bobcats seemingly took a page from Seth Appert's old playbook against Dartmouth, pulling the goalie with about ten minutes to play while trailing by three goals. It didn't work for them, as Dartmouth put one into the empty net 24 seconds later, but I suppose Rand Pecknold's coaching bona fides are good enough that Q fans will forgive him.

11-05-2018, 07:07 PM
but I suppose Rand Pecknold's coaching bona fides are good enough that Q fans will forgive him.I understand why he did it when he did it, but forgive him? Not so sure about that, especially since it worked against him.

11-05-2018, 07:12 PM
Waite has said it all. These are 2 very good teams. We have seen Princeton and they are big and very fast. Their forecheck is relentless and they seem to start pressing the moment they come out onto the ice. We had better be ready the first minute we step onto the ice or we are going to be pushed around badly. I have seen Princeton many times over many years and feel this may well be their best team since the 70's. They have a history of surprising us and even over performing against us when they have had even the weakest of teams so this will be a real test.
Quinnipiac is also a top team but a mystery for me as we fairly often out play them or play even with them only to lose by a goal or two coming off some mistakes we make. We usually play just good enough to lose against them. Hope we can change that around. I would be overjoyed with 2 points this weekend coming as a split of the games or gaining two ties. In any case, hope we arrive their a bit more healthy and would like to leave there the same way.