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09-13-2018, 12:27 PM
Seems like last year's thread has been sent to the void. Alas! Captains were announced today, so it's a good time to hit refresh and start anew. Marchin, Gottlieb, and Giuttari seem like wise picks, and they're also three of our better players in my very humble opinion.


Not sure what to expect out of this group, but it's a contract year for Brendan Whittet, so it'll be interesting to see if he makes some bold moves in the interest of securing a contract extension.

09-13-2018, 02:08 PM
I’ll help get your Thread going. You lost a commit 2 days ago to Penn St. (Chase McLane).

09-17-2018, 08:51 PM
2018-2019 Brown Menís Ice Hockey Schedule

Saturday, October 20 PRINCETON & YALE (Ivy Jamboree scrimmage) TBA
Friday, October 26 YALE 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 28 VERMONT 5:00 p.m.
Friday, November 2 at Colgate 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 3 at Cornell 7:00 p.m.
Friday, November 9 DARTMOUTH 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 10 HARVARD 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, November 13 at UConn 7:00 p.m.
Friday, November 30 at Clarkson 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, December 1 at St. Lawrence. 7:00 p.m.
Friday, December 7 UNION 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, December 8 RENSSELAER 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 30 at Ledyard Bank Classic vs. Providence College, Hanover, NH 4:00 p.m.
Monday, December 31 at Ledyard Bank Classic vs. Army West Point, Hanover, NH 4:00 p.m.
Friday, January 4 at Three Rivers Classic vs. Robert Morris, Pittsburgh, PA TBA
Saturday, January 5 at Three Rivers Classic vs.St. Cloud State or Union, Pittsburgh, PA TBA
Tuesday, January 15 PROVIDENCE COLLEGE (33rd Mayorís Cup Game) 7:00 p.m.
Friday, January 18 ST. LAWRENCE 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 19 CLARKSON 7:00 p.m.
Friday, January 25 at Rensselaer 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 26 at Union 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 2 at Yale 7:00 p.m.
Friday, February 8 at Princeton 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 9 at Quinnipiac 7:00 p.m.
Friday, February 15 CORNELL 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 16 COLGATE 7:00 p.m.
Friday, February 22 at Harvard 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 23 at Dartmouth 7:00 p.m.
Friday, March 1 QUINNIPIAC 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 2 PRINCETON 7:00 p.m.

09-21-2018, 01:31 PM
Hello everyone! It might be a little early for it, but I'm pumped, so I've kicked off this year's ECAC Pick the Standings contest (http://board.uscho.com/showthread.php?135007-ECAC-Pick-The-Standings-2018-2019)! If you are somehow new here, it's a super simple game where you just predict the standings and whoever is closest <s>wins like $1000</s> gets to brag about it in their signature forever. Join in!

10-03-2018, 12:48 PM
Just popping in to advertise the ECAC Pick the Standings contest (http://board.uscho.com/showthread.php?135007-ECAC-Pick-The-Standings-2018-2019) again. It's a super simple game that takes like 1 minute of thought to play. Entrance is allowed through the first ECAC matches at the end of the month, but feel free to make a guess now and revise later. Thanks!

10-11-2018, 09:51 AM
Plugging the ECAC Pick the Standings contest (http://board.uscho.com/showthread.php?135007-ECAC-Pick-The-Standings-2018-2019) again. All you have to do is guess what the final standings will be! Entries close in a couple weeks when the puck drops on the conference slate. Thanks!

10-12-2018, 01:53 PM
Seems like last year's thread has been sent to the void. Alas! Captains were announced today, so it's a good time to hit refresh and start anew. Marchin, Gottlieb, and Giuttari seem like wise picks, and they're also three of our better players in my very humble opinion.


Not sure what to expect out of this group, but it's a contract year for Brendan Whittet, so it'll be interesting to see if he makes some bold moves in the interest of securing a contract extension.

Whatever moves the head coach makes will be designed to continue to improve the program. Whittet's commitment to Brown hockey and, indeed, to his Alma Mater, is unparalleled.

James Marcou is an excellent addition to the coaching staff. Very articulate young man, with a positive attitude and tremendous hockey knowledge. He complements Whittet and (Assistant Coach) Jason Guerriero extremely well.

The three coaches have been on the road for much of the past month and a half, identifying players and securing commitments. Neither is easy at Brown particularly when admissions standards are so stringent.

This team appears to be more cohesive than last year. The leadership is solid, and there has been good integration between the veterans and the first-years. The 2018-2019 Bears will be a small but fast team, with solid defense and goaltending. The first weekend (games against Yale and Vermont at home) will tell how much the program has advanced since last winter.

Finally, my preference would be to discuss the team and to avoid speculating about the coach's contract at this point in time.

10-19-2018, 01:44 PM
Probably the second-to-last time that I'll spam the ECAC Pick the Standings contest (http://board.uscho.com/showthread.php?135007-ECAC-Pick-The-Standings-2018-2019). Only one week remains until the first ECAC contest of the season, so get your picks (or revisions) in soon!

10-22-2018, 09:25 AM
Brown beat Princeton, 3-1, and tied Yale, 2-2, in the round-robin scrimmages over the weekend. From Mark Divver's Twitter account: "Looks like smallest @BrownMensHockey team in a few years, but they are quick. As always, goaltending will be key"

Quick is good – we've been run out of the building by fast teams over the past few years. Our top six has usually been fine, but the bottom six has, at times, been out-paced. If we can roll four speedy, skilled lines we might be able to out-skate some of the slower, more methodical teams on the schedule (Clarkson, Dartmouth, RPI, etc.). Explosiveness can make all the difference in the world if you can harness it well.

We return a good amount of experience on defense, as well as a nice mix of size and skill, and I'm hoping that'll be a strength of the team – though I've said similar things in recent years to no avail. Kania looked very promising at times last year, but also had some underwhelming performances. If he can find some consistency in his game, I have to expect he'll get the starting nod over Nieto and the freshman. I remember reading last year that the average save percentage in college hockey hovers are .905 (as opposed to ~.915 in the NHL). Kania finished at a respectable .902 last year. If he can get that up to, say, .910, that should buy us a couple more wins right off the bat.

Still not sure what a reasonable expectation of this team is. It's a young group. Hoping to see visible signs of progress, even if the results aren't quite there yet.

10-24-2018, 04:20 PM
Some news: http://bit.ly/2ysPQQw

Thatís an extremely generous gift! But the most interesting bit of info in there, to me, is that the university seems to have plans to renovate and upgrade Meehan to bring it up to par with some of our rivals. They redid the foyer and locker rooms in 2003, so I canít imagine those would change much, but I wonder if theyíll replace the antiquated seats and add a real video board, along with more practical things like new bathrooms.

10-25-2018, 09:11 PM
In 24 hours, the first matches of the conference schedule will be over and you will no longer be able to enter the ECAC Pick the Standings contest (http://board.uscho.com/showthread.php?135007-ECAC-Pick-The-Standings-2018-2019) (or change your picks if you already entered). It takes very little time to enter, so head on over to the thread and make your pick!

11-05-2018, 09:51 AM
0-3-1 through four games, but I have to say I've been very impressed by our defense so far (though I didn't get to watch the Cornell game). While we could stand to improve our defensive zone exits, as there has been some chaos at times trying to move the puck up ice, overall I've seen a great improvement in how we limit shooting/passing lanes, force attackers to the outside, and clear the crease. Scoring has obviously been an issue, but the defense has kept us in every game we've played so far and that's great. Over the past few years, when things have gone wrong we've been blown out. This year, we really could've won any of the first three games (I would even argue that we should have and deserved to win each of those games). We'll see how the goaltending holds up – that's been a major question mark in recent seasons. But I'm quietly encouraged by the defense to date, and I think they'll be able to keep us competitive in most games. And remember, this is for the most part a very inexperienced lineup.

The bigger news, perhaps, is the women's team off to a rousing 5-2 start, including upsets of top-10 opponents this past weekend in #10 Colgate/#6 Cornell! Great to see that program making some noise after many dark years. I hope they can keep it up. Digit Murphy's excellent teams in the late '90s and early '00s were thrilling to watch.

11-06-2018, 08:38 AM
You guys could have beaten Gate very easily, not sure about Cornell.

11-07-2018, 10:01 AM
Nice article on Max Gottlieb: http://www.nyhockeyjournal.com/nyhockeyjournal/november_2018/MobilePagedArticle.action?articleId=1439498&app=false#articleId1439498

Gottlieb has always been one of my favorites to watch throughout his time at Brown. He's a very skilled player who skates well and contributes in all three zones. One of our better offensive defensemen in recent memory.

11-09-2018, 01:36 PM
Great look at what's going on with the women: http://www.providencejournal.com/sports/20181108/mark-divver-after-decade-as-doormat-brown-women-making-strides-under-new-coach

BIG Green
11-10-2018, 08:42 AM
Nice W last night! I would have to agree with you that last night was pretty evenly tilted although I would add that Brown played with more of a sense of urgency and inspiration. Yes, Nieto was good along with his three best buddies (goal posts and crossbar) and he was better than Clark last night. Guttari was the best player on the ice last night! Good luck the rest of the way!

BIG Green
11-10-2018, 09:11 AM
A very big call late in the game and this is my take. Clearly Sellar and Nieto were tangled up and this led to Nieto not getting enough time to "fully" set up on the would be shot/goal. Also the ref was in great position to signal NO GOAL right away having watched the tangle. No one is disputing that but here is where it gets fuzzy for me. Sellar was cross-checked into Nieto by two Brown players into Nieto from which his stick gets lodged up in Nieto's goalie jersey. Sellar did not put in there on purpose, matter of fact, he tried to extricate his stick not knowing where the on-going play was. Once dislodged, Nieto sets quickly and does the butterfly to no avail as Rutherford goes blocker side to score. To the refs credit, they did review and confer with each other. This would have tied the game with momentum on the BG side. THIS DID NOT COST THE BG THE GAME; they were their own worst enemy for the first 50 minutes.

Also after this, BG has a chance to tie the game again in the last minute with Yau making a backhand pass to Foreman point blank to have Nieto save that and the game. Finally and immediately right afterwards, a D man backhand cleared puck slow as molasses goes into the empty net 200 ft down.

11-10-2018, 03:06 PM
Agreed on the sense of urgency and the goaltending, BG. Brown looked like a desperate team, which was good to see, and I did think Clark should've had at least one of the two point shots that made it in. Meanwhile, Nieto was tremendous at times, and neither Dartmouth goal was stoppable.

My official stance on the goaltending interference call is that I have no idea what to think :rolleyes:. It was a really weird and confusing play. Once the call on the ice was made, I think it was hard to overturn, so the ultimate decision makes sense within that context. But was that the correct call originally? Hard to say. If it went the other direction, I'd probably be upset, but since it didn't, I'm simply nonplussed about the whole thing.

In any event, I'm pretty high on this Dartmouth team (particularly the offense and power play), so I'm thrilled with Brown's effort last night. See you again in late February!

12-12-2018, 07:44 AM
We're the top story on USCHO this morning. Nice! https://www.uscho.com/2018/12/12/brown-showing-signs-of-improvement-just-a-youthful-team-with-a-lot-of-young-energy/

12-13-2018, 09:16 AM
Divver reports we picked up a big commit from a former Harvard recruit: https://twitter.com/MarkDivver/status/1073212537305489409

I've been impressed with the recruiting success over the last few months. Excited to see how it translates next year (and beyond).