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02-16-2018, 04:12 PM
So, after two games and one bad loss to Slovenia – it is starting to look like the best players on Team USA’s Olympic Roster are the college kids. The results to date reinforce what I wish we had seen all along. A roster made entirely of NCAA Athletes. Perhaps a roster of student-athletes would flame out in the later rounds or against the better teams – isn’t that what will happen to the actual US team?

Additionally, I think college athletes would have generated more excitement for the tournament and would have been a haven of good PR for USA Hockey and the Olympics in this country. Especially in the next game, against the older, experienced and pre-tournament favorite Russians, currently in the doghouse for 'stretching' the rules.

“Its 1980 all over again…”

Here is my attempt at an All-NCAA Olympic Roster. I’m picking 15 F, 8 D, 3 G (regardless of what the actual Oly roster max is. Who would you pick and how would you line them up? I like this group and they sure would be fun to watch…

NOTE: I did NOT include US WJC players (or those who did not make the WJC team) as USA Hockey stated clearly they would not ask players to compete in both events.

Donato (HU / 21-10-31) – Terry (DU / 11-21-32) – Gambrell (DU / 11-23-34)
Suess (MSUM / 17-18-35) – Gaudette (NU / 24-23-47) – Sheehy (MN / 12-11-23)
Jackson (SCSU / 14-17-31) – Eyssimont (SCSU / 12-18-30) – Halloran (CC / 17-23-40)
Greenway (BU / 9-16-25) – Laczynski (OSU / 12-25-37) – Pinho (PC / 11-15-26)
Foley (PC / 13-19-32)
Stevens (NU / 20-13-33)
Carpenter (BU / 17-11-28)

Also Considered: Marody (UM), Calderone (UM), Oglevie (ND), Pitlick (MN), Weis (OSU), Jobst (OSU), Joshua (OSU), Sturtz (PSU), Berger (PSU), Wagner (UW), Bergh (CC), Gersich (UND), Vesel (UNO), Scarfo (UC), Snively (YU), Ferguson (RMU), McLoughlin (CAN)

Brickley (MSUM / 8-20-28, +13) – Gross (ND / 7-15-22, +10)
Schuldt (SCSU / 6-22-28, +21) – Borgen (SCSU / 2-10-12, +10)
Wolanin (UND / 9-16-25, +11) – Belpedio (MU / 9-17-26, +2)
Rauhauser (BGSU / 7-26-33, +14)
Hamilton (PSU / 4-19-23, +8)

Also Considered: Hutton (MU), Bryson (PC), Poolman (UND), Fitzgerald (BC), Nuttle (CU), Sherman (HU), Marino (HU), Priskie (QU), Frye (UAF)

Morris (ND / .950, .1.75)
Kielly (CLK / .934, 1.74)
Madsen (HU / .922, 2.20)

Also Considered: Hawkey (PC), Hayton (UW), Johnson (UND), Kupsky (UC), Blitzer (BSU)

I would have a blast watching this team – win or lose. It would be great for college hockey and would make for a heck of a story. I don’t expect the US team to win, so what is the difference? And watching Terry, Donato and Greenway has me wondering who else could excel at the Olympics - and believing this team might simply be better than the pros. Am I way off base? How would this team do in Pyeongchang?

Who did I miss and who shouldn’t have made the team? Did I accidentally include a Canadian somewhere? Tell me why you think my line-up choices suck…