View Full Version : US Hockey HoF Game (10/2) - Michigan Tech's New Coaches & Jerseys vs Bucky Badger

09-29-2017, 07:40 AM
Another new era for Michigan Tech Hockey begins on Sunday as the Huskies officially get the 2017-18 season underway with the US Hockey Hall of Fame game at the Kohl Center in Madison vs the Wisconsin Badgers. It will be interesting to see which team is more ready to play with Sunday being the first official day of the season and team's haven't been able to do much on the ice with their coaches leading up to the game.

A new Huskies coaching staff is led by 1st year head coach Joe Shawhan and two new assistants Chris Brooks & Dallas Steward. They'll get their first chance to get a "W" for Tech. Also new will be whoever ends up in net for the Huskies out of the gate. Tech returns junior Devon Kero, who struggled early on last season and ultimately lost the starting role to freshman Angus Redmond who led Tech back to the NCAA tourney before signing with Anaheim in the off-season. Joining Kero between the pipes is another highly touted freshman Robbie Beydoun. Throwing an interesting wrinkle in the mix will be Patrick Munson who transferred from last year's national champion Denver and can play immediately for the Huskies with two years of eligibility remaining.

The Huskies are making their second appearance in the US HoF game, the last one being a 5-4 beating of the Gophers at the opening game of "3M Arena at Mariucci" (as their sponsor likes to call it). Tech busted out some new throwback jerseys for that game and the Huskies are expected to do the same for Sunday's game as well.

Go Huskies!

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Wisko McBadgerton
09-29-2017, 01:48 PM
Badgers win 11-0 on account of the fact that Tony has been busy with the Olympics and hasn't really had a chance to get the boys ready to play.

Wisko McBadgerton
10-01-2017, 10:25 AM
Sheesh... I was just blowin' smoke kids. This first game makes everybody nervous, as getting off to a good start in non-conference games is huge for both teams. I give Bucky the edge in personnel, but it's the first **** game. Who knows? If the refs are going to blow whistles every 40 seconds like last year to make a point on emphasis for the season, anything can happen. Which is also complete bs when they do it. This game counts as much as the games in February. Probably more because of the pwr implications in single NC games.

Anyway... Good luck and let's get it on, puppies.