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St. Clown
04-11-2017, 05:52 PM
As expected, the hockey was great! My team lost in the first game, which means the rest of the weekend events were critical to our having a good time. One quibble about the arena arrangements was why in the world did the Crimson (and their coaches) have to enter and exit the rink from the end Zamboni driveway when they had a perfectly good tunnel behind their bench. Denver did not seem to have this issue.
Locations for entering and exiting the rink will be determined where the locker rooms are located vs. the bench. The UC is likely setup so that certain groups of locker rooms, the like Blackhawks' home team rooms, are separate from all the others with regards to corridor access. Or Hahvahd could have decided that it was simply easier to skate to the Zamboni doors rather than walk through the tunnels.

Playing with my drop-in group, we used to get ice at places like Mariucci Arena and the Xcel Center. Mariucci's locker room setup was such that it was simply more convenient to use the Zamboni doors, even though all the locker rooms were in the same great corridor. Given the situation, trying to fit four teams into the arena, means two teams are going to get the rooms with access near the benches, and two teams are going to have to either walk or skate a little extra. Trust me, the players and coaches don't care. It's no different than what they grew up doing in countless municipal rinks over the years.

04-11-2017, 08:48 PM
CTA did say a couple of months ago that a Pink Line stop between Polk and Ashland -- thus a shorter walk to the UC-- was in the works. Variables, of course, include funding.

04-17-2017, 03:27 PM
We had fun. But I wouldn't care if they didn't go back. The United Center felt dated and the concourses felt Metrodome small.

We had more fun outside of Chicago. For the Frozen Fours I have attended, I would rank them:
1. Tampa
2. Philly
3. Boston
4. Chicago

04-17-2017, 04:07 PM
Chicago was fine - lots of stuff to do and we always stay at least a couple extra days. UC was good - food was good. Lack of bars/restaurants nearby is a big drawback. Will I go to the FF if it is in Chicago again? Maybe.