View Full Version : The changing landscape of D3 hockey

05-17-2016, 07:24 AM
Several external factors have changed recently.

The recruiting sanctions on several prominent programs
The new (and revived) NCAA programs at both the D1 and D3 level
The shortening of the season
The uncertainty of the NAIA and D2 hockey
The decline of the Canadian dollar
The shift in dominance in Jr Hockey toward the West
The decrease in Financial Aid opportunities - especially for foreign students
A potential change in the ratio of teams qualifying for nationals
The concerns over repetitive head injuries for football, hockey and futbol
The potential auto-bids for both the WIAC and ECAC/W
The recent re-alignments in American Jr Hockey
The apparent unwillingness of some programs to invest the necessary resources to become competitive
The proliferation of mediocre pay-to-play Jr Hockey teams
D1 league re-alignments
The constant pressure by the NCAA to make D3 less costly [i.e. competitive]

Which of these changes will impact D3 hockey most/least, what changes do you see coming to D3, and what will the D3 (especially Eastern US) landscape look like in say ... 2020?