View Full Version : Eversport video feed, solution?

02-02-2016, 11:23 AM

In the last four to six weeks have been having issues with the video feed for Atlantic hockey through Eversport.

While watching archived games the video jumps back approximately 40 seconds, playing the same portion of play that you had already watched. If it were to happen once or twice it wouldn't be a concern, however it is happening 10 to 15 times a period which adds up to quite a bit of time during the length of a game. The jumping happens at random no set time at all.

I checked my speed and getting a full 34MB, with the quality of the line good. The issue happens whether at different venues and teams, and is random throughout the broadcast. I watch movies on my MacBook Pro with no issues, and have watched Eversport for a couple of years never a problem until six weeks ago.

I reset my modem, wrote in to Eversport but they do not seem to have an answer. I will try using another laptop at home see if that works, but in the meantime anyone having similar issues in the last six weeks?

Thanks for any information guys....