View Full Version : UNH Wildcats TD Garden and Beyond 2015

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06-11-2015, 11:13 AM
My gut say it is all about $$$ experienced D1 coaches get paid more than first time coaches. By paying less the remander of Umile's salary goes back into the department budget for other things.

I am also not convinced you are going to do better with an experienced guy. That depends on who you get, much like hiring the inexperienced guy. If Souza is the guy and works out you potentially have the next 20+ year solution.

06-11-2015, 11:16 AM
The top four D-men for the Blackhawks understandably looked really tired toward the end of their win last night, with Timonen and TvR getting less than 5 and 7 minutes of ice time. Timonen did take a 2-minor and TvR was on the ice for the Lightning lone goal. But, now they get nearly three days rest before starting over again in Florida on Saturday night. What a fantastic experience for our TvR.

Sure is a great experience for him! Hoping he continues to gain confidence on the ice. He will only get better with more ice time (hear that Coach Q ;) ) Heck, not too many other BHawks played what I would consider "perfect games" last night and if not for that 3rd period they scraped by, "found the way to win" which is admirable. Saturday night in Tampa sure is a big, big game...hoping Coach Q gives him the nod. BHawks fans are split on it all but they don't have the luxury; their D corps are hurting (why is that, are there injuries? Don't know the story..) Go 'Hawks!!! we need a pom pom icon